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No, you do not have to pay a submission fee. The submission is free of charge. The RBCS only charges the publication fee.

For Brazilian and foreign manuscripts in which the first author and the corresponding author are members of the Sociedade Brasileira de Ciência do Solo – SBCS (Brazilian Soil Science Society), the publication fee per page is R$ 80.00 and $ 70.00, respectively. If the first author and the corresponding author are not members of the SBCS, the publication fee is R$ 200.00 and $ 100.00 for Brazilian and foreign manuscripts, respectively.

No, you cannot submit the manuscript in another language than English. All manuscripts must be in English.

The cover letter must contain: 1) manuscript title; 2) a statement that the paper is original and neither the manuscript nor any part of its content was published previously in print form or electronically, and are not under consideration by any other journal or electronic medium; 3) a statement certifying that all authors approved the manuscript being submitted; 4) a statement that there is no conflict of interest (financial, personal or institutional) associated with the information and results disclosed in the manuscript; and 5) information about the manuscript relevance; the authors must indicate the suitability of the manuscript within the scope of the RBCS, and highlight the problem, hypothesis, objectives, and to emphasize the main findings and why they are significant to increasing Soil Science knowledge.

No, they should not be inserted in the main document. The main document must contain title, highlights, abstract, introduction, materials and methods, results, discussion, conclusions, and references.

No, you cannot change the corresponding author at the time of revision.

Yes, you can include, delete or rearrange the author names in the manuscript authorship, but these changes are allowed only during the review process.