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Ecotoxicology of Pig Slaughterhouse Waste Using Lactuca sativa L., Raphanus sativus L., and Oryza sativa L.

Maiara Figueiredo Ramires ORCID logo , Eduardo Lorensi de Souza, Daniel Erison Fontanive, Renan Bianchetto, Ângelo Munaretto Krynski, Júlio Cesar Grasel Cezimbra, [...]


ABSTRACT Pork is the most consumed animal protein around the world. The production levels are significant, which results in the generation of large amounts of slaughter waste. Such waste is often disposed of improperly in agricultural areas, causing environmental imbalance by the contamination of soil and water sources with metals and pathogenic organisms. This study evaluates the phytotoxic effects of pig slaughterhouse waste in natura and after stabilization processes on lettuce (Lactuca sativa Linnaeus, 1753), radish (Raphanus sativus Linnaeus, 1753), […]

Comparison of the Casagrande and Fall Cone Methods for Liquid Limit Determinations in Different Clay Soils

Letícia Garcia Crevelin ORCID logo , Kátia Vanessa Bicalho ORCID logo


ABSTRACT The liquid limit (LL) is an important parameter for soil classification systems. The use of the cone penetrometer technique for measuring the liquid limit is an attractive alternative method since the percussion method is highly operator dependent. In this article, the importance of specifying the procedure and equipment used to determine the LL of a clay soil is highlighted using LL test results conducted on different clay soils. The results of LL, obtained by the percussion method proposed by […]

Stability of Soil Moisture Patterns Retrieved at Different Temporal Resolutions in a Tropical Watershed

Luís Romero Barbosa ORCID logo , Nicholas Borges de Lira ORCID logo , Victor Hugo Rabelo Coelho ORCID logo , Alain Marie Bernard Passerat de Silans ORCID logo , André Nóbrega Gadêlha ORCID logo , Cristiano das Neves Almeida ORCID logo


ABSTRACT Above and underground hydrological processes depend on soil moisture (SM) variability, driven by different environmental factors that seldom are well-monitored, leading to a misunderstanding of soil water temporal patterns. This study investigated the stability of the SM temporal dynamics to different monitoring temporal resolutions around the border between two soil types in a tropical watershed. Four locations were instrumented in a small-scale watershed (5.84 km2) within the tropical coast of Northeast Brazil, encompassing different soil types ( Espodossolo Humilúvico […]

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Field Perception of the Boundary Between Soil and Saprolite by Pedologists and its Differentiation Using Mathematical Models

Roseclênia Alves Santos ORCID logo , Renata Alcarde Sermarini ORCID logo , Adriano Ribeiro Guerra, Jean Cheyson Barros dos Santos, Antonio Carlos de Azevedo ORCID logo


ABSTRACT Saprolite plays a central role into hydrologic and nutrient cycles. Despite that, saprolite research is scattered and uses heterogeneous, sometimes conflicting, methods and concepts. During field work, it is difficult to assign the boundary between soil and saprolite. This paper aimed to identify the subjacent logic that pedologists use to assign to a regolith volume its soil or saprolite nature. To achieve this goal, a tree algorithm was used to build a hierarchy of physical and chemical properties of […]

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Biochemical and Biological Properties of Soil from Murundus Wetlands Converted into Agricultural Systems

Luciene Nunes Barcelos Martins, Flávia Louzeiro de Aguiar Santiago, Marcela Susana Montecchia, Olga Susana Correa, Orivaldo José Saggin Junior, Edicarlos Damacena de Souza, [...]


ABSTRACT The implementation of conservationist systems that improve soil properties and reduce the impacts of the conversion of native areas is fundamental for feasible agricultural exploitation. This study aimed to evaluate the impact on soil biological properties caused by the conversion of murundus fields into agricultural systems and verify the ability of the no-tillage conservation system to recover these properties over the years. Treatments consisted of three agricultural areas subjected to the same management (no-tillage), in a chronosequence (7, 11, […]

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Emissions of Nitrous Oxide and Methane in a Subtropical Ferralsol Subjected to Nitrogen Fertilization and Sheep Grazing in Integrated Crop-Livestock System

Jonatas Thiago Piva ORCID logo , Laércio Ricardo Sartor, Itacir Eloi Sandini, Anibal de Moraes, Jeferson Dieckow, Cimélio Bayer, [...]


ABSTRACT Brazilian agriculture contributes significantly to nitrous oxide (N2O) and methane (CH4) emissions, so the understanding of such emissions at the field is crucial for mitigation strategies. This study quantified the impact of N application and sheep grazing on the N2O and CH4 emissions from a subtropical Ferralsol under an integrated crop-livestock (ICL) management system. In a long-term experiment in southern Brazil, gaseous fluxes were measured during a year-long cycle of ryegrass (Lolium multiflorum) plus oats (Avena sativa) winter pasture […]

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Field Description and Identification of Diagnostic Qualifiers for Urban Soils in Brazil

Jéssica Rafaela da Costa ORCID logo , Fabrício de Araújo Pedron ORCID logo , Ricardo Simão Diniz Dalmolin ORCID logo , Ricardo Bergamo Schenato ORCID logo


ABSTRACT Human activities often alter soils found in urban areas. These alterations affect their environmental functions and potential for use. However, soils from urban areas in Brazil have not been surveyed and identified, which can pose a technical problem for the development of the city. Considering the importance of urban environments and their soils, this study aimed to evaluate the environmental and morphological characteristics and the physical properties of urban soils in Santa Maria, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. The […]

Phosphate Sources and Filter Cake Amendment Affecting Sugarcane Yield and Soil Phosphorus Fractions

Amin Soltangheisi ORCID logo , Valdevan Rosendo dos Santos ORCID logo , Henrique Coutinho Junqueira Franco ORCID logo , Oriel Kolln ORCID logo , André Cesar Vitti ORCID logo , Carlos Tadeu dos Santos Dias ORCID logo , [...]


ABSTRACT: The use of mineral phosphate fertilizers associated with organic residues can improve fertilizer use efficiency and consequently decrease their usage costs. Soil application of filter cake (FC) can provide nutrients and enhance physical quality. This study aimed to evaluate the effects of different phosphate fertilizers [rock phosphate (RP) and triple superphosphate (TSP)] applied at different rates (90 and 180 kg ha-1 P2O5) associated with filter cake (10 Mg ha-1 dry matter) on the soil phosphorus (P) fractions after two […]

Ammonia Volatilization from Soil-Applied Organic Fertilizers

Adriano Alvim Rocha, Ednaldo da Silva Araújo ORCID logo , Silvio da Silva Santos, Jhonatan Marins Goulart, José Antonio Azevedo Espindola, José Guilherme Marinho Guerra, [...]


ABSTRACT: A reliable quantification of nitrogen (N) losses by ammonia (NH3) volatilization can contribute to identifying optimized strategies of fertilizer management. The objective of this study was to quantify ammonia volatilization from several organic N sources incorporated into or applied onto the soil surface. Two cultivation areas, under snap bean and corn, were evaluated at Embrapa Agrobiology, Seropédica, Rio de Janeiro (RJ). Both experiments used a randomized complete block design in split-plots, with four replications. The main plots consisted of […]

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