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Clay Mineralogy of Subtropical Soils under Long-Term Organic Fertilization in No-Tillage Systems

Fabrócio de Araújo Pedron, Cledimar Rogério Lourenzi, Carlos Aberto Ceretta, Juliana Lorensi, Adriana Cancian


ABSTRACT: Organic fertilization effect on physical-chemical properties in no-tillage systems in tropical soils has been widely investigated, but little is known about the effects of this practice on the mineralogy of the clay fraction. This study aimed to evaluate the clay-fraction mineralogy of two subtropical soils, fertilized with organic residues in long-term no-tillage systems. An Alfisol fertilized with 0, 40, and 80 m3 ha-1 yr-1 pig slurry was evaluated for eight years, and an Oxisol with 0, 8, and 16 […]

Biological Soil Properties in Integrated Crop-Livestock-Forest Systems

Paula Camylla Ramos Assis, Luís Fernando Stone, André Luís Rodrigues da Silveira, Janaína de Moura Oliveira, Flávio Jesus Wruck, Beáta Emöke Madari


ABSTRACT Currently, agricultural productivity and sustainable development are the desired bases for the creation of production systems. Farming for greater production and the efficient use of soil resources are at the core of modern systems. However, the way in which agricultural management and practices can change soil quality has become increasingly important. The aim of this study was to detect changes in soil biological properties caused by implementation of the integrated crop-livestock-forest system (iCLF) and to identify the properties suitable […]

Cover Crops and Nitrogen Fertilization Effects on Nitrogen Soil Fractions under Corn Cultivation in a No-Tillage System

Márcia de Sousa Veras, Maria Lucrécia Gerosa Ramos, Daiana Nara Santos Oliveira, Cícero Célio de Figueiredo, Arminda Moreira de Carvalho, Karina Pulrolnik, [...]


ABSTRACT The use of cover crops has recently increased and represents an essential practice for the sustainability of no-tillage systems in the Cerrado region. However, there is little information on the effects of nitrogen fertilization and cover crop use on nitrogen soil fractions. This study assessed changes in the N forms in soil cropped to cover crops prior to corn growing. The experiment consisted of a randomized complete block design arranged in split-plots with three replications. Cover crops were tested […]

Soil Macrofauna and Physical and Chemical Properties under Soil Management Systems in the Santa Catarina Highlands, Brazil

Marcio Gonçalves da Rosa, Osmar Klauberg, Marie Luise Carolina Bartz, Álvaro Luiz Mafra, José Paulo Filipe Afonso de Sousa, Dilmar Baretta


ABSTRACT Soil use can change processes such as soil organic matter decomposition, nutrient cycling, and particle aggregation, which, in turn, influence the occurrence of macrofauna. The objective of this study was to relate land use systems to their effects on the distribution of soil macrofauna groups, as well as their relation to soil physical and chemical properties. The land use systems evaluated were native forest, an Eucalyptus plantation, pasture, a crop-livestock integration area, and a no-tillage crop area. Samples were […]


James Ribeiro de Azevedo, Célia Regina Paes Bueno, Gener Tadeu Pereira


ABSTRACT The study of soil chemical and physical properties variability is important for suitable management practices. The aim of this study was to evaluate the spatial variability of soil properties in the Malhada do Meio settlement to subsidize soil use planning. The settlement is located in Chapadinha, MA, Brazil, and has an area of 630.86 ha. The vegetation is seasonal submontane deciduous forest and steppe savanna. The geology is formed of sandstones and siltstones of the Itapecuru Formation and by […]

Occasional Soil Turnover and Liming in a Clayey Oxisol Under a Consolidated No-tillage System

Jonez Fidalski, Renato Yagi, Cássio Antonio Tormena


ABSTRACT Accumulation of nutrients and surface compaction have been reported after a long time under a no-tillage system. The aim of this study was to evaluate soil chemical properties, bulk density, and crop yield following a single mechanical intervention associated with liming in a clayey Oxisol under a NT system for 17 consecutive years in Pato Branco, southwestern Paraná, Brazil. A randomized block experimental design was used in a split-plot arrangement, with plowing and harrowing of the soil in the […]

Soil Compaction Curve of an Oxisol Under Sugarcane Planted After In-row Deep Tillage

Indiamara Marasca, Stella Vannucci Lemos, Reginaldo Barbosa Silva, Saulo Philipe Sebastião Guerra, Kleber Pereira Lanças


ABSTRACT Soil tillage that maintains the productivity of sugarcane plantations, providing an area for the root development and without traffic on crop rows, has given rise to new technologies in rural areas. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the soil physical properties in two sugarcane plantations, one of which was prepared with deep tilling and the other with conventional tillage. The experiment was conducted in Lençóis Paulista, São Paulo State. Soil penetration resistance and relative density were analyzed. […]

Grazing Height of Brachiaria and Stocking Rate Limited by Soil Physical Properties Three Years Into an Integrated Soybean Crop-Livestock System

Jonez Fidalski, Sérgio José Alves


Management of forage grazing height by cattle may compromise soil physical properties. The objective of this study was to evaluate the influence of grazing height of brachiaria (Urochloa ruziziensis) and the average stocking rate, after three years into an integrated soybean crop-livestock system, in the physical attributes of a Haplorthox (Rhodic Ferralsol). A randomized complete block experimental design with three replications was used. Five treatments were evaluated in 1 ha experimental plots: grazing heights of 10, 20, 30, and 40 […]

Soil Aggregation, Organic Carbon Concentration, and Soil Bulk Density As Affected by Cover Crop Species in a No-Tillage System

Adriano Stephan Nascente, Yuncong Li, Carlos Alexandre Costa Crusciol


Soil aggregation and the distribution of total organic carbon (TOC) may be affected by soil tillage and cover crops. The objective of this study was to determine the effects of crop rotation with cover crops on soil aggregation, TOC concentration in the soil aggregate fractions, and soil bulk density under a no-tillage system (NTS) and conventional tillage system (CTS, one plowing and two disking). This was a three-year study with cover crop/rice/cover crop/rice rotations in the Brazilian Cerrado. A randomized […]


Paulo Cesar Conceição, Madalena Boeni, Cimélio Bayer, Jeferson Dieckow, Julio Cesar Salton, Cecilia Estima Sacramento dos Reis


The mechanisms of stabilization of organic matter (OM) have been studied in Brazilian tropical and subtropical soils; however, few studies have evaluated the influence of the methodological part of the use of the solutions in the results. The aim of this study was to evaluate the efficiency of two salt solutions (1.8 kg dm-3 sodium iodide – NaI, and 2.0 kg dm-3 sodium polytungstate – SPT) in separation of densimetric soil organic matter (SOM) fractions in two soils (Acrisol from […]

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