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Nitrous Oxide Emissions in No-Tillage Onion ( Allium cepa L.) Crops Are Increased by Oilseed Radish Cover Crop and Poultry Manure Application

Vilmar Müller Júnior ORCID logo , Leoncio de Paula Koucher, Monique Souza, Andria Paula Lima, Claudinei Kurtz, Rafael da Rosa Couto, [...]


ABSTRATO O uso de plantas de cobertura e de esterco de galinha (PM) é uma alternativa para reduzir o uso de insumos sintéticos e pode contribuir para o ciclo de nutrientes em cebolas ( Allium cepa L.) cultivadas em sistema plantio direto. No entanto, esta prática de gestão pode contribuir para um aumento das emissões de N 2 O para a atmosfera. Os objetivos deste estudo foram avaliar o efeito imediato sobre as emissões de N 2 O da adição […]

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Urease Inhibitor and Irrigation Management to Mitigate Ammonia Volatilization from Urea in No-Till Corn

Fernando Viero, Guilherme Batista Menegati, Eduardo Carniel, Paulo Regis Ferreira da Silva, Cimélio Bayer


ABSTRACT High nitrogen (N) losses by ammonia (NH3) volatilization from urea can compromise nitrogen fertilization efficiency and corn yield. The purpose of this study was to assess the effects of irrigation management and the addition of the urease inhibitor N-(n-butyl)thiophosphoric triamide (NBPT) on NH3-N losses from urea and on corn yield. To this end, two experiments were carried out in the 2011/12 crop season on a sandy clay loam Acrisol in the Central Basin region of Rio Grande do Sul, […]

Poultry Litter and Pig slurry Applications in an Integrated Crop-Livestock System

Paulo Hentz, Juliano Corulli Corrêa, Renato Serena Fontaneli, Agostinho Rebelatto, Rodrigo da Silveira Nicoloso, Claudio Eduardo Neves Semmelmann


ABSTRACT Organic fertilizers derived from poultry litter and pig slurry are alternatives to mineral fertilizers in increasing soil nutrient availability. The aim of this study was to evaluate soil response, through characterization of organic C and available N, P, and K contents, and corn yield response to increasing amounts of poultry litter, pig slurry, and mineral fertilizers in an integrated crop-livestock production system (ICL) from 2011 to 2013. The experimental design consisted of randomized blocks in a 4 × 3 […]

Growth and Nutrition of Eucalypt Rooted Cuttings Promoted by Ectomycorrhizal Fungi in Commercial Nurseries

Andrezza Mara Martins Gandini, Paulo Henrique Grazziotti, Márcio José Rossi, Danielle Cristina Fonseca Santos Grazziotti, Elizzandra Marta Martins Gandini, Enilson de Barros Silva, [...]


ABSTRACT Ectomycorrhizal fungi (EMF) may improve the adaptation of eucalypts saplings to field conditions and allow more efficient fertilizer use. The effectiveness of EMF inoculum application in promoting fungal colonization, plant growth, nutrient uptake, and the quality of rooted cuttings was evaluated for Eucalyptus urophylla under commercial nursery conditions. For inoculated treatments, fertilization of the sapling substrate was reduced by 50 %. The experiment was carried out in a completely randomized design in a 4 × 4 factorial arrangement, wherein […]

Leather Industry Waste as a Nitrogen Source for Wheat and Rice in Succession

Lívia Cristina Coelho, Mozart Martins Ferreira, Ana Rosa Ribeiro Bastos, Luiz Carlos Alves de Oliveira, Ewerton Dilelis Ferreira


ABSTRACT The stabilization process necessary for leather tanning, in the leather industry, generates a great deal of collagenic solid waste, which is a likely pollutant. This solid waste has high nitrogen content, which suggests potential for agricultural use. To evaluate the feasibility of application of industrial leather waste as an N source for wheat and rice crops, a greenhouse experiment was conducted with five application rates of N from collagen (0, 225, 450, 675, and 900 mg kg-1) and three […]


Murilo Renan Mota, Luis Sangoi, Diego Eduardo Schenatto, Willian Giordani, Cristian Majolo Boniatti, Leonardo Dall’Igna


The use of stabilized N sources, with mechanisms for inhibition of urease enzyme and with ammonium nitrification inhibitors, may help to achieve higher grain yields, contributing to the sustainability of agricultural activity. The aim of this study was to evaluate the effect of different mineral N sources and application rates on maize grain yield and N use efficiency. A field experiment was carried out in Lages, SC, Brazil, in a randomized block design in split-plots. Nitrogen was side-dressed in the […]


Filipe Selau Carlos, Andrei José Marafon, Robson Andreazza, Ibanor Anghinoni, Marino José Tedesco, Flávio Anastácio de Oliveira Camargo


The use of treated industrial wastewater in flood irrigation of rice may cause electrochemical changes and increase the nutrient content in the soil solution. To test this hypothesis, the aim of the present study was to evaluate the dynamics of the chemical and electrochemical properties of the soil solution under flooded rice irrigated with treated industrial leachate containing 820 mg L-1 of Na. The experiment was conducted in a greenhouse, using pots filled with 20 kg of soil in a […]

Ammonia volatilization and yield components after application of polymer-coated urea to maize

Eduardo Zavaschi, Letícia de Abreu Faria, Godofredo Cesar Vitti, Carlos Antonio da Costa Nascimento, Thiago Augusto de Moura, Diego Wyllyam do Vale, [...]


A form of increasing the efficiency of N fertilizer is by coating urea with polymers to reduce ammonia volatilization. The aim of this study was to evaluate the effect of polymer-coated urea on the control of ammonia volatilization, yield and nutritional characteristics of maize. The experiment was carried out during one maize growing cycle in 2009/10 on a Geric Ferralsol, inUberlândia, MG, Brazil. Nitrogen fertilizers were applied as topdressing on the soil surface in the following urea treatments: polymer-coated urea […]

Upland rice under no-tillage preceded by crops for soil cover and nitrogen fertilization

Edemar Moro, Carlos Alexandre Costa Crusciol, Heitor Cantarella, Adriano Stephan Nascente


The grain yield of upland rice under no-tillage has been unsatisfactory and one reason could be the nitrate/ammonium balance in the soil. Cover crops and nitrogen fertilization can be used to change the nitrate/ammonium relation in the soil and improve conditions for the development of upland rice in the no-tillage (NT) system. The aim was to study the effect of cover crops and nitrogen sources on grain yield of upland rice under no tillage. The study was carried out on […]

Optical crop sensor for variable-rate nitrogen fertilization in corn: II – indices of fertilizer efficiency and corn yield

Jardes Bragagnolo, Telmo Jorge Carneiro Amado, Rodrigo da Silveira Nicoloso, Antônio Luis Santi, Jackson Ernani Fiorin, Fabiano Tabaldi


Generally, in tropical and subtropical agroecosystems, the efficiency of nitrogen (N) fertilization is low, inducing a temporal variability of crop yield, economic losses, and environmental impacts. Variable-rate N fertilization (VRF), based on optical spectrometry crop sensors, could increase the N use efficiency (NUE). The objective of this study was to evaluate the corn grain yield and N fertilization efficiency under VRF determined by an optical sensor in comparison to the traditional single-application N fertilization (TSF). With this purpose, three experiments […]

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