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Potassium Fertilization for Long Term No-Till Crop Rotation in the Central-Southern Region of Paraná, Brazil

Renan Costa Beber Vieira, Sandra Mara Vieira Fontoura, Cimélio Bayer, Renato Paulo de Moraes, Eduardo Carniel


ABSTRACT Fertilization programs for annual crops in the state of Paraná, southern Brazil, are based on studies that focused on conventional tillage and were established more than 30 years ago. The primary purpose of this study was to assess potassium (K) fertilization on long-term (>30 years) no-tillage soybean, corn, wheat, and barley crops grown in rotation on Oxisols in the central-southern region of Paraná. A total of 47 experiments were carried out from 2008 to 2013, three of which addressed […]

Substitution of Clay Content for P-Remaining as an Index of the Phosphorus Buffering Capacity for Soils of Rio Grande do Sul

Douglas Antonio Rogeri, Clesio Gianello, Leandro Bortolon, Magno Batista Amorim


ABSTRACT Mehlich-1 soil extract is currently used in Rio Grande do Sul (RS) and Santa Catarina (SC) States, in Brazil, to evaluate soil phosphorus available to plants and Mehlich-1 is sensitive to soil buffering capacity. This limitation is overcome partly by soil separation into buffering classes based on soil clay content. However, soil clay content has some technical and operational limitations, such as the underestimation of soil clay levels in soils under no-till. The aim of this study was to […]

Methods to Quantify Nickel in Soils and Plant Tissues

Bruna Wurr Rodak, Milton Ferreira de Moraes, João Augusto Lopes Pascoalino, Adilson de Oliveira, Cesar de Castro, Volnei Pauletti


In comparison with other micronutrients, the levels of nickel (Ni) available in soils and plant tissues are very low, making quantification very difficult. The objective of this paper is to present optimized determination methods of Ni availability in soils by extractants and total content in plant tissues for routine commercial laboratory analyses. Samples of natural and agricultural soils were processed and analyzed by Mehlich-1 extraction and by DTPA. To quantify Ni in the plant tissues, samples were digested with nitric […]

Phosphorus Fertilization for High Yield of Soybean, Maize, and Winter Cereal Crops in Rotation in Oxisols under Long-Term no-Till in the South Central Region of Parana, Brazil

Renan Costa Beber Vieira, Sandra Mara Vieira Fontoura, Cimélio Bayer, Renato Paulo de Moraes, Eduardo Carniel


Although the State of Parana, Brazil, has adopted crop rotation and no-till (NT) systems, fertilizer application is still based on recommendations developed more than 30 years ago for monocropping under conventional tillage because fertilizer recommendations developed specifically for crop rotation under NT are lacking. The objective of our study was to consolidate P calibration and evaluate crop responses to P fertilization so as to propose a system of technical recommendations for P fertilization for soybean, maize, wheat, and barley grown […]