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Root and Shoot Contribution to Carbon and Nitrogen Inputs in the Topsoil Layer in No-Tillage Crop Systems under Subtropical Conditions

Marciel Redin, Sylvie Recous, Celso Aita, Bruno Chaves, Ismael Cristiano Pfeifer, Leonardo Mendes Bastos, [...]


ABSTRACT Recycling of carbon (C) and nitrogen (N) from plants into soils is decisive for maintaining soil organic matter and soil fertility. Therefore, we quantified plant biomass and C and N in the shoots and roots from the topsoil layer for a wide range of annual crops grown under subtropical conditions. We grew 26 species, 13 main crops, and 13 cover crops, in the field in standard sowing arrangements. Root biomass was recovered from the 0.00-0.20 m soil layer at […]

Brachiaria as a Cover Crop to Improve Phosphorus Use Efficiency in a No-till Oxisol

Moniki Campos Janegitz, Elialdo Alves de Souza, Ciro Antonio Rosolem


ABSTRACT Oxidic soils are phosphorus drains in soil; hence, P availability is a limiting factor in tropical, weathered Oxidic soils. It has been shown that some brachiarias grown as cover crops may increase soil available P to subsequent crops. The objective of this study was to evaluate soil P cycling and availability, as well as the response of soybean to soluble and natural reactive phosphates as affected by ruzi grass (Urochloa ruziziensis, R. Germ. and C.M. Evrard, Crin) grown as […]


Arcângelo Loss, Alex Basso, Bruno Salvador Oliveira, Leôncio de Paula Koucher, Rodolfo Assis de Oliveira, Claudinei Kurtz, [...]


As a result of soil management systems, like the conventional tillage system (CTS) versus the no-tillage system (NTS) for vegetable crops, modifications in soil properties occur, which change, for example, the rates of soil aggregation and the content of total organic carbon (TOC). The aim of this study was to quantify the TOC contents and evaluate the rates of soil aggregation and the distribution of aggregates by diameter classes in a soil planted to onion in NTS and CTS and […]

Organic Matter Fractions and Quality of the Surface Layer of a Constructed and Vegetated Soil After Coal Mining. II – Physical Compartments and Carbon Management Index

Otávio dos Anjos Leal, Rosa Maria Vargas Castilhos, Eloy Antonio Pauletto, Luiz Fernando Spinelli Pinto, Clenio Nailto Pillon, Letiane Helwig Penning, [...]


Soils constructed after mining often have low carbon (C) stocks and low quality of organic matter (OM). Cover crops are decisive for the recovery process of these stocks, improving the quality of constructed soils. Therefore, the goal of this study was to evaluate the effect of cover crops on total organic C (TOC) stocks, C distribution in physical fractions of OM and the C management index (CMI) of a soil constructed after coal mining. The experiment was initiated in 2003 […]


Ezequiel Cesar Carvalho Miola, Eloy Antonio Pauletto, Cláudia Liane Rodrigues de Lima, Luiz Fernando Spinelli Pinto, Luis Carlos Timm


In quantifying the least limiting water range (LLWR), different critical limits of resistance to penetration (RP) and moisture at field capacity (θFC) are generally used. For agricultural soils, these values are documented in the literature. However, for constructed soil after coal mining, there is a large information gap. The aim of this study was to quantify the least limiting water range of a constructed soil under different cover crops in a coal mining area in Candiota, RS (Southern Brazil), considering […]

Biomass decomposition and nutrient release from black oat and hairy vetch residues deposited in a vineyard

Paulo Ademar Avelar Ferreira, Eduardo Girotto, Gustavo Trentin, Alcione Miotto, George Wellington de Melo, Carlos Alberto Ceretta, [...]


A significant quantity of nutrients in vineyards may return to the soil each year through decomposition of residues from cover plants. This study aimed to evaluate biomass decomposition and nutrient release from residues of black oats and hairy vetch deposited in the vines rows, with and without plastic shelter, and in the between-row areas throughout the vegetative and productive cycle of the plants. The study was conducted in a commercial vineyard in Bento Gonçalves, RS, Brazil, from October 2008 to […]

Residual effect of soil tillage on water erosion from a Typic Paleudalf under long-term no-tillage and cropping systems

Mastrângello Enívar Lanzanova, Flávio Luiz Foletto Eltz, Rodrigo da Silveira Nicoloso, Elemar Antonino Cassol, Ildegardis Bertol, Telmo Jorge Carneiro Amado, [...]


Soil erosion is one of the chief causes of agricultural land degradation. Practices of conservation agriculture, such as no-tillage and cover crops, are the key strategies of soil erosion control. In a long-term experiment on a Typic Paleudalf, we evaluated the temporal changes of soil loss and water runoff rates promoted by the transition from conventional to no-tillage systems in the treatments: bare soil (BS); grassland (GL); winter fallow (WF); intercrop maize and velvet bean (M+VB); intercrop maize and jack […]

Soil uses in the sugarcane fallow period to improve chemical and physical properties of two latosols (oxisols)

Carolina Fernandes, José Eduardo Corá, Adolfo Valente Marcelo


Sugarcane production should be integrated with crop diversification with a view to competitive and sustainable results in economic, social and environmental aspects. The purpose of this study was to assess the influence of different soil uses during the sugarcane fallow period on the chemical and physical properties of eutroferric Red Latosol – LVef (Oxisol) and Acric Latosol – LVw (Acric Oxisol), in Jaboticabal, São Paulo State, Brazil (21º14’05” S, 48º17’09” W, 600 m asl). A randomized block design was used […]

Forms of inorganic phosphorus in soil under different long term soil tillage systems and winter crops

Tales Tiecher, Danilo Rheinheimer dos Santos, João Kaminski, Ademir Calegari


The cultivation of crops with different capacity of P uptake and use under long-term soil tillage systems can affect the distribution of P cycling and inorganic forms in the soil, as a result of higher or lower use efficiency of P applied in fertilizers. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the effect of long-term cultivation of different winter species under tillage systems on the distribution of inorganic P forms in the soil. In 1986, the experiment was initiated […]

Management systems and the carbon and nitrogen stocks of cerrado oxisol under soybean-maize succession

Rafael de Souza Nunes, André Alves de Castro Lopes, Djalma Martinhão Gomes de Sousa, Ieda de Carvalho Mendes


Carbon and N stocks in soils are determined by the balance between addition and losses, and tillage and cropping systems are decisive in this process. This study aimed to evaluate the effect of soil management systems based on tillage, cover crops and P fertilization on C and N stocks in physical fractions of the soil organic matter and on microbial biomass and respiration in a soil after 11 years under soybean-maize rotation. The experiment was initiated in 1999 in an […]

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