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Do Aggregate Size Classes of the Subsurface Soil Horizon Have Different Chemical/Mineralogical Properties?

Rolff Vladimir Mitton, Vander Freitas Melo ORCID logo , Volnei Pauletti


ABSTRACT Variations in chemical and mineralogical properties of a soil can occur at short vertical and horizontal distances. The objective of the present study was to evaluate the chemical and mineralogical soil properties of different aggregate classes from young (Ustrochrept) and highly weathered (Acrustox) soils from the state of Paraná, Brazil. Undisturbed blocks (0.20 ×0.20 ×0.20 m) of soils were separated into aggregate classes: Acrustox – 8.0-4.0 mm; 4-2 mm; 2.0-0.5 mm; 0.5-0.2 mm; and <0.2 mm; and Ustrochrept – […]

Methods to Quantify Nickel in Soils and Plant Tissues

Bruna Wurr Rodak, Milton Ferreira de Moraes, João Augusto Lopes Pascoalino, Adilson de Oliveira, Cesar de Castro, Volnei Pauletti


In comparison with other micronutrients, the levels of nickel (Ni) available in soils and plant tissues are very low, making quantification very difficult. The objective of this paper is to present optimized determination methods of Ni availability in soils by extractants and total content in plant tissues for routine commercial laboratory analyses. Samples of natural and agricultural soils were processed and analyzed by Mehlich-1 extraction and by DTPA. To quantify Ni in the plant tissues, samples were digested with nitric […]

Long-term effects of the application of gypsum and lime in a no-till system

Volnei Pauletti, Letícia de Pierri, Thiago Ranzan, Gabriel Barth, Antonio Carlos Vargas Motta


The effects of lime and gypsum are widely discussed in the literature, but their magnitude in relation to effects in the soil profile is dependent on the time since application of these inputs. Thus, the aim of this study is to evaluate the effect of long-term application of gypsum and lime on chemical properties of a soil in crop rotation in a no-till system. The experiment was carried out in Jaguariaíva, Paraná state, Brazil, in a sandy loam Latossolo Vermelho-Amarelo […]

Carbon and nitrogen losses with liquid catlle manure from a clayey oxissol under no-till and natural rainfall

Adriana Timofiecsyk, Nerilde Favaretto, Volnei Pauletti, Jeferson Dieckow


The transport of pollutants via runoff in agricultural areas, mainly in soluble forms, is an environmental problem, even in conservation tillage systems. The objective of this study was to evaluate losses of nitrogen and organic carbon in runoff, after applications of 0, 60, 120, and 180 m3 ha-1 yr-1 of cattle slurry to a clayey Oxisol, with 10 % slope under no-tillage and natural rainfall, in the region of Castro – PR. The application of cattle slurry did not affect […]

Improvement of an oxisol structure by no-till cropping systems in the region of Campos Gerais, Paraná

Vagner Lopes Da-Silva, Jeferson Dieckow, José Elias Mellek, Rudimar Molin, Nerilde Favaretto, Volnei Pauletti, [...]


The quality of no-tillage systems depends on an adequate soil management that promotes soil structure improvements. This is associated to the cropping system adopted. This study investigated the effect of long-term no-tillage systems (18 years) on the structural quality of a sandy-clay to clay Oxisol (Latossolo Vermelho) in the region of Campos Gerais, Paraná, Brazil. Five cropping systems were assessed: wheat-soybean [Wt-So], black oat-maize-wheat-soybean [Ot-Mz-Wt-So], vetch-maize-wheat-soybean [Vt-Mz-Wt-So], ryegrass-maize-ryegrass-soybean [Rg-Mz-Rg-So]; and alfalfa-maize [Alf-Mz]. Soil was sampled from the layers 0-5, 5-10 and […]

Liquid dairy manure in no-till: carbon and nitrogen loss by runoff

Fabiana de Medeiros Silveira, Nerilde Favaretto, Jeferson Dieckow, Volnei Pauletti, Fabiane Machado Vezzani, Eder David Borges da Silva


The use of manure in agricultural system is a possibility to dispose of the waste generated in animal production, but improper use can cause environmental problems. The general objective of this study was to evaluate carbon and nitrogen concentrations and losses in runoff in four doses of liquid dairy manure (0, 60, 120, 180 m3 ha-1 yr-1) applied to a silt clay loam Oxisol with 13 % slope, in no-till with soybean, oat, corn, and wheat in crop rotation. The […]

Influence of dairy cattle manure associated with mineral fertilizer on soil fertility of an oxisol under no-tillage

José Carlos Peixoto Modesto da Silva, Antônio Carlos Vargas Motta, Volnei Pauletti, Cristina Mattos Veloso, Nerilde Favaretto, Milena Barcellos, [...]


Dairy cattle in South Brazil is raised mainly in a system based on partial or total confinement of the animals, generating a significant amount of residues. The residues have been used as the only nutrient source or associated to mineral sources in grain or silage production. Their effect on soil characteristics has however been little explored. This study was conducted to evaluate the influence of fertilization rates with liquid dairy cattle manure associated with mineral fertilizer on P, K, C, […]

Soil tillage in grain and silage-producing areas and pasture: effect on tensile strength and aggregate friability

Marina Araújo Bavoso, Neyde Fabíola Balarezo Giarola, Cássio Antônio Tormena, Volnei Pauletti


The understanding and quantification of soil use and management on the soil physical quality are important to develop and select sustainable agricultural systems. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the structural quality of a clayey Brazilian Oxisol under different production and soil tillage systems by measuring the tensile strength (TS) and to quantify aggregate friability (F). The study was conducted in Castro, Paraná state, in southern Brazil, using three production systems and seven soil tillage types, in a […]

Nutrient losses via leaching from soil columns submitted to mineral and organic fertilization

Ricardo Prado Piovesan, Nerilde Favaretto, Volnei Pauletti, Antônio Carlos Vargas Motta, Carlos Bruno Reissmann


The use of animal manure in agricultural systems can cause water contamination and/or pollution by nutrients, especially by consecutive applications to the same area. In view thereof, the purpose of this study was to evaluate the effect of manure and fertilizer application on NH4+, NO3–, P and K leaching. For this evaluation, undisturbed soil columns were collected from a seven-year field experiment that consisted of 12 treatments, resulting from the combinations of four doses of dairy slurry with three doses […]

Chemical properties of a haplohumox under no-tillage as related to fertilization strategies and soil sampling method

Volnei Pauletti, Antonio Carlos Vargas Motta, Beatriz Monte Serrat, Nerilde Favaretto, Adilson dos Anjos


Fertilizer application in the sowing rows does not necessarily increase crop yields, but it does increase the variability of the soil chemical properties, particularly of the nutrients P and K. This variability is greater in the no-tillage system because there is no homogenization of the soil surface layer. This study evaluated the effect of fertilization strategies on soil chemical properties at distinct soil depths after three and six years from the beginning of the experiment in a Haplohumox under long-term […]

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