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Decomposition and Nutrient Release of Cover Crops in Mango Cultivation in Brazilian Semi-Arid Region

Maria do Socorro Conceição de Freitas ORCID logo , Jacob Silva Souto, Mariana Gonçalves, Larissa Emanuelle da Silva Almeida, Alessandra Monteiro Salviano, Vanderlise Giongo


ABSTRACT Knowledge of the decomposition dynamics of aboveground phytomass and its release of nutrients in mixtures of cover crops as well as the impact on the soil tillage system is fundamental for the sustainable management of agroecosystems. This work aimed to evaluate whether soil tillage and the choice of cover crops cultivated in the interrows can be technological strategies to increase dry biomass production, increase the capacity to add carbon, and improve macronutrient cycling in a mango ( Mangifera indica […]

Physical Quality of Soils in Agricultural Use in the Semiarid Region of the State of Bahia

Sálvio Napoleão Soares Arcoverde, Alessandra Monteiro Salviano, Nelci Olszevski, Stefeson Bezerra de Melo, Tony Jarbas Ferreira Cunha, Vanderlise Giongo, [...]


ABSTRACT Conversion of a natural condition to agricultural use can impose changes in soil properties and processes and bring environmental consequences to the region this agricultural use encompasses. The aim of this study was to evaluate the physical quality of the soil in agricultural areas of municipalities around Sobradinho Lake, a semiarid region in the State of Bahia, using multivariate analysis statistical techniques as a tool. Initially, descriptive statistical analysis and correlation analysis techniques and the normality test were applied, […]

Humic acids in a fertirrigated soil in the São Francisco River Valley, Brazil

Tony Jarbas Ferreira Cunha, Luís Henrrique Bassoi, Marcelo Luiz Simões, Ladislau Martin-Neto, Vanderlise Giongo Petrere, Paula Rose de Almeida Ribeiro


The use of humic (HA) acids together with mineral and organic fertilizers probably modifies the natve soil humic acids’In the São Francisco Valley, Northeast Brazil, organic acids have gain interest of growers using irrigated agriculture. But so far, the possible modifications of the native soil humic substances under application of organic acids along with mineral and organic fertilizers are not known. The objective of this study was to evaluate and characterize the qualitative changes in humic acids extracted from a […]