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Sandra Santana Lima, Marcos Bacis Ceddia, Fernando Zuchello, Adriana Maria de Aquino, Fábio Martins Mercante, Bruno José Rodrigues Alves, [...]


Epigeous termite mounds are frequently observed in pasture areas, but the processes regulating their population dynamics are poorly known. This study evaluated epigeous termite mounds in cultivated grasslands used as pastures, assessing their spatial distribution by means of geostatistics and evaluating their vitality. The study was conducted in the Cerrado biome in the municipality of Rio Brilhante, Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil. In two pasture areas (Pasture 1 and Pasture 2), epigeous mounds (nests) were georeferenced and analyzed for height, […]

Inoculation of sugarcane with diazotrophic bacteria

Nivaldo Schultz, Jeferson Alves da Silva, Jailson Silva Sousa, Rafael Cassador Monteiro, Renan Pedula Oliveira, Valfredo Almeida Chaves, [...]


The sugarcane industry, a strategic crop in Brazil, requires technological improvements in production efficiency to increase the crop energy balance. Among the various currently studied alternatives, inoculation with diazotrophic bacteria proved to be a technology with great potential. In this context, the efficiency of a mixture of bacterial inoculant was evaluated with regard to the agronomic performance and N nutrition of sugarcane. The experiment was carried out on an experimental field of Embrapa Agrobiologia, in Seropédica, Rio de Janeiro, using […]

Nitrogen dynamics in soil management systems. I – flux of inorganic nitrogen (NH4+ and NO3)

João Carlos de Moraes Sá, Eduardo Garcia Cardoso, Clever Briedis, Ademir de Oliveira Ferreira, Paulo Rogério Borszowskei, Josiane Burkner Santos, [...]


In agricultural systems the N-NH4+ and N-NO3– contents is significantly affected by soil management. This study investigated the dynamics of inorganic nitrogen (N; NH4+ and NO3–) in an experimental evaluation of soil management systems (SMSs) adopted in 1988 at the experimental station of the ABC Foundation in Ponta Grossa, in the Central South region of the State of Paraná. The objective of this study was to evaluate the changes in N-NH4+ and N-NO3– flux in the surface layer of a […]

Ammoniacal nitrogen immobilization from pig slurry in soil under reduced and no-tillage

Sandro José Giacomini, Celso Aita, Claudia Pozzi Jantalia, Segundo Urquiaga, Gabriel Franceschi dos Santos


The use of pig slurry in no-tillage systems on cultural residues with high C/N ratio is becoming a common practice in the center-south of Brazil. Two experiments were conducted to evaluate the immobilization of ammonium N applied with pig slurry to the soil. One experiment was run in the field and the other in laboratory conditions, both on a Hapludalf soil. The treatments consisted of pig slurry application with and without oat straw, with (reduced tillage) and without (no-tillage) soil […]

Effect of pre-harvest burning and applications of nitrogen fertilizer and vinasse on sugarcane industrial characteristics

Alexander Silva de Resende, Adriano Santos, Rogério Pontes Xavier, Celso Henrique Coelho, Antônio Gondim, Octávio Costa Oliveira, [...]


Practices of pre-harvest burning and the application of vinasse and N fertilizer are common in sugarcane cultivation. However, results of few long-term studies have been published. This study carried in sugarcane plantations of Cruangi sugar mill, Timbaúba, state of Pernambuco, Brazil, located in the semi-arid-wet transition region of the State aimed at studying the effects of vinasse (80 m3 ha-1) and nitrogen fertilizer (N – 80 kg ha-1) and two harvesting systems (with or without pre-harvest burning) on sugarcane yield […]

Decomposition and nutrient release of perennial herbaceous legumes intercropped with banana

José Antonio Azevedo Espindola, José Guilherme Marinho Guerra, Dejair Lopes de Almeida, Marcelo Grandi Teixeira, Segundo Urquiaga


Evaluating the decomposition of cover crop residues added to the soil allows improving the comprehension of appropriate nutrient supply for commercial crops. This study was carried out under field conditions aiming to evaluate the decomposition and nutrient release from the shoots of perennial herbaceous legumes. The treatments were green cover crops intercropped with banana: groundnut (Arachis pintoi Krapov. & W.C. Gregory.), tropical kudzu (Pueraria phaseoloides (Roxb.) Benth.), siratro (Macroptilium atropurpureum (Sessé & Moc. ex DC.) Urb.) and spontaneous vegetation (mainly […]