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Value of Functionalized Charcoal for Increasing the Efficiency of Urea N Uptake: Insights into the Functionalization Process and the Physicochemical Characteristics of Charcoal

Diogo Mendes de Paiva ORCID logo , Gelton Geraldo Fernandes Guimarães ORCID logo , Breno Cardoso Teixeira ORCID logo , Reinaldo Bertola Cantarutti ORCID logo


ABSTRACT Functionalized charcoal (CHox) incorporated into urea is known for its ability to reduce NH3 volatilization and increase agronomic efficiency. However, it is important to optimize the functionalization process and to elucidate its relationship with the physicochemical properties of CHox for N supply. Thus, charcoal obtained from eucalyptus wood was functionalized with different HNO3 concentrations and reaction times. Ammonia adsorption by CHox was evaluated in chambers with high NH3 concentrations. Dry matter yield, N uptake, and apparent N recovery efficiency […]

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Acid Ammonium Citrate as P Extractor for Fertilizers of Varying Solubility

Wedisson Oliveira Santos ORCID logo , Edson Marcio Mattiello, Matheus Sampaio Carneiro Barreto, Reinaldo Bertola Cantarutti


ABSTRACT: There are several globally accepted methods to chemically characterize P-fertilizers, but not all are suitable to predict the agronomic efficiency of the P sources in terms of plant nutrition. Our aim was to investigate the performance of P extractors for fertilizers, investigating the consistency of different methods for P sources of varying properties and the related plant responses. The experiment was carried out in a greenhouse, using corn as a model plant. Phosphorus values extractable in water, 2 % […]

Functionalized Charcoal as a Buffering Matrix of Copper and Zinc Availability

Gelton Geraldo Fernandes Guimarães, Amanda Soares Giroto, Breno Cardoso Teixeira, Leonardus Vergütz, Reinaldo Bertola Cantarutti


ABSTRACT: High copper (Cu) and zinc (Zn) contents in soil can cause phytotoxicity to plants and contaminate surface and groundwater, with negative effects on agriculture and the environment. Functionalized charcoal (OCh) has high cation exchange capacity (CEC) and the ability to adsorb Cu and Zn and control their availability in the soil and water. An adsorption study at two pH levels was carried out to evaluate increasing Cu and Zn sorption capacity provided by the functionalization process of a charcoal. […]

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Urea coated with oxidized charcoal reduces ammonia volatilization

Diogo Mendes de Paiva, Reinaldo Bertola Cantarutti, Gelton Geraldo Fernandes Guimarães, Ivo Ribeiro da Silva


Urea is the most consumed nitrogen fertilizer in the world. However, its agronomic and economic efficiency is reduced by the volatilization of NH3, which can reach 78 % of the applied nitrogen. The coating of urea granules with acidic compounds obtained by charcoal oxidation has the potential to reduce the volatilization, due to the acidic character, the high buffering capacity and CEC. This work aimed to evaluate the effect of HNO3-oxidized carbon on the control of NH3 volatilization. These compounds […]

Soil carbon stocks under pasture in costal tableland areas in southern Bahia State, Brazil

Oldair Vinhas Costa, Reinaldo Bertola Cantarutti, Luiz Eduardo Ferreira Fontes, Liovando Marciano da Costa, Paulo Gabriel Soledade Nacif, José Cláudio Faria


The replacement of forest environments by pastures leads to fundamental alterations in soil carbon stocks and consequently in the global cycle of this element. This study was conducted in the municipality of Itabela, Bahia, and the objective was to evaluate carbon stocks in soils of a natural forest in comparison to degraded and productive pastures with different usage periods. For this purpose, remnants of the Atlantic Forest, productive pastures after different periods of use (2, 9 and 18 years) and […]

Distribution of ammonium, nitrate, potassium, and phosphorus in columns of fertigated latosols

Guilherme Kangussu Donagemma, Hugo Alberto Ruiz, Víctor Hugo Alvarez V., Paulo Afonso Ferreira, Reinaldo Bertola Cantarutti, Agno Tadeu da Silva, [...]


It is convenient to apply nutrients in fertigation at an appropriate depth, in order to locate those elements at a convenient place for plant uptake. So, an experiment was carried out under laboratory conditions using percolation columns, to establish the irrigation lamina fraction in which N (NH4+ e NO3–), K+, and H2PO4– doses must be applied as well as the optimum dose fractioning of these nutrients so as to locate their adequate depth and determine the distribution of fertigated NH4+, […]

Phosphatase activity in forage grasses as influenced by soil phosphorus availability and plant cutting height

Flancer Novais Nunes, Reinaldo Bertola Cantarutti, Roberto Ferreira Novais, Ivo Ribeiro da Silva, Marcos Rogério Tótola, Bruno Neves Ribeiro


The nutrient use efficiency, expressed by the ratio between the produced biomass and nutrient content, is an important adaptive characteristic of plants, particularly of those cultivated in low-fertility soils. A high P-use efficiency (PUE) is conferred by high P remobilization rates, i.e., P transport to regions of greater metabolic demand in the plant. High P remobilization rates have been associated with high acid phosphatase (APase) and ribonuclease (RNase) enzyme activities. In our study, we evaluated the activity of these enzymes […]

Humic substances, microbial activity and labile organic carbon in aggregates of a Dystrophic Red Latosol under two vegetation covers

Renato Ribeiro Passos, Hugo Alberto Ruiz, Eduardo de Sá Mendonça, Reinaldo Bertola Cantarutti, Adailson Pereira de Souza


Organic matter is an indicator of the soil quality. Knowledge about its different components, explaining the influence of management practices on organic matter and soil aggregation, is essential for the sustainability of agricultural systems. In the present work, we evaluated humic substances, microbial activity and labile organic carbon in a Dystrophic Red Latosol from Minas Gerais state, Brazil, under natural vegetation (Cerradão) or under 30-years of conventional corn cultivation. Soil samples were collected from depths of 5-10 and 15-20 cm […]

Organic carbon and nitrogen in aggregates of a Dystrophic Red Latosol under two vegetation covers

Renato Ribeiro Passos, Hugo Alberto Ruiz, Reinaldo Bertola Cantarutti, Eduardo de Sá Mendonça


Soil organic matter is constituted by a vast array of compounds that include active and more stable fractions, with different cycling rates. Management practices affect organic carbon and nitrogen contents, organic matter quality, and soil aggregation. The present study aimed to characterize organic carbon and nitrogen in aggregates of a Dystrophic Red Latosol of Minas Gerais State, Brazil, in an area of native vegetation (Cerradão) and another one that has been for 30 years under conventional corn cultivation. Soil samples […]

Auger diameter for sampling an inceptisol under no-till or conventional planting, before or after tillage

André Guarçoni M., Víctor Hugo Alvarez V., Roberto Ferreira Novais, Reinaldo Bertola Cantarutti, Helio Garcia Leite, Francisco Morel Freire


When a determined number of single soil samples is recommended for the formation of a composite sample, the diameter of the sampling auger is not taken into account. Thus, this study aimed to determine the auger diameter that would allow a reduction in the time and effort needed for soil sampling. Single soil samples of six different volumes (40, 90, 160, 360, 810 and 1,000 cm3) were collected in three management-harvest systems (no-till planting (PD), conventional planting before (PCAA) or […]

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