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Hourly, Daily, and Monthly Soil Temperature Fluctuations in a Drought Tolerant Crop

Polianna dos Santos de Farias, Luciano da Silva Souza, Arlicélio de Queiroz Paiva, Áureo Silva de Oliveira, Laércio Duarte Souza, Carlos Alberto da Silva Ledo


ABSTRACT Soil temperature is a physical property of great agricultural importance in the soil-plant relationship and in energy exchange with the atmosphere. This study was conducted in a degraded Cambissolo Háplico Ta Eutrófíco (Cambisol; Inceptisol) in the Irecê Identity Territory, Bahia, Brazil, aiming to evaluate the hourly, daily, and monthly fluctuations of soil temperature at depth, and soil thermal diffusivity in the castor bean crop. Hourly soil temperature data from February 4, 2014, to September 30, 2015, were obtained by […]