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Carbon Stocks and Pools in Relation to the Texture of Kaolinitic Soils from the Brazilian East Coast

João Bosco Vasconcellos Gomes, Carlos Alberto Silva, Tamara Letícia de Azevedo Ferreira, Mozart Martins Ferreira, Alberto Vasconcellos Inda, Nilton Curi


ABSTRACT: Extremely kaolinitic soils of Tertiary age elevations on the Brazilian east coast present a wide range of texture, which is recognized as one of the main factors controlling the soil organic matter contents. This study aimed to investigate the organic C storage of different compartments of kaolinitic soils. The studied soils had a wide particle size gradient, were under native forest vegetation, and located on Brazil’s eastern coast (Coruripe – CF, Umbaúba – UF, Nova Viçosa – VF, Sooretama […]

Leather Industry Waste as a Nitrogen Source for Wheat and Rice in Succession

Lívia Cristina Coelho, Mozart Martins Ferreira, Ana Rosa Ribeiro Bastos, Luiz Carlos Alves de Oliveira, Ewerton Dilelis Ferreira


ABSTRACT The stabilization process necessary for leather tanning, in the leather industry, generates a great deal of collagenic solid waste, which is a likely pollutant. This solid waste has high nitrogen content, which suggests potential for agricultural use. To evaluate the feasibility of application of industrial leather waste as an N source for wheat and rice crops, a greenhouse experiment was conducted with five application rates of N from collagen (0, 225, 450, 675, and 900 mg kg-1) and three […]


Bernardo Moreira Cândido, Marx Leandro Naves Silva, Nilton Curi, Diego Antônio França de Freitas, Ronaldo Luiz Mincato, Mozart Martins Ferreira


Assessing the quality of agricultural soils is important for defining and adopting management practices that ensure socioeconomic and environmental sustainability. The methods for indexation of quality indicators called the Integrated Quality Index (IQI) and the Nemoro Quality Index (NQI) were used in this study to evaluate soil quality in experimental plots planted to eucalyptus. The selection of these indicators was made based on nine soil quality indicators: geometric mean diameter, water permeability, organic matter, macro- and microporosity, total porosity, bulk […]

Effect of potassium sources on the antioxidant activity of eggplant

Douglas José Marques, Fernando Broetto, Mozart Martins Ferreira, Allan Klynger da Silva Lobato, Fabricio William de Ávila, Fabricio José Pereira


Potassium participates in the essential processes in plant physiology, however, the effects of K sources on plant metabolism have been little studied. Also, in certain cases, K sources and concentrations may cause undesirable effects, e.g., soil salinization. The objective was to evaluate the effect of K sources and levels on the enzyme activity of the antioxidant system and protein content in eggplant (Solanum melongena L.) leaves and to determine the most suitable K sources for these physiological characteristics. The experiment […]

Aggregation of an oxisol subjected to weed control methods in the coffee crop

Raphael Henrique da Silva Siqueira, Mozart Martins Ferreira, Elifas Nunes de Alcântara, Raphael Comanducci da Silva Carvalho


Weed management in the coffee crop has a pronounced effect on soil physical quality, affecting its structural stability, among other properties. The aim of the present study was to assess the state of aggregation of primary particles of a Latossolo Vermelho-Amarelo (LVA) [Oxisol] planted with coffee when subjected to various weed control methods. The weed control methods evaluated were biological control with Arachis pintoi L. (a forage crop close to the peanut) and Brachiaria decumbens; mechanical control with a disk […]

Plant-available soil water capacity: estimation methods and implications

Bruno Montoani Silva, Érika Andressa da Silva, Geraldo César de Oliveira, Mozart Martins Ferreira, Milson Evaldo Serafim


The plant-available water capacity of the soil is defined as the water content between field capacity and wilting point, and has wide practical application in planning the land use. In a representative profile of the Cerrado Oxisol, methods for estimating the wilting point were studied and compared, using a WP4-T psychrometer and Richards chamber for undisturbed and disturbed samples. In addition, the field capacity was estimated by the water content at 6, 10, 33 kPa and by the inflection point […]

Water retention in a peatland with organic matter in different decomposition stages

José Ricardo da Rocha Campos, Alexandre Christófaro Silva, José Sebastião Cunha Fernandes, Mozart Martins Ferreira, Daniel Valladão Silva


Peatlands are ecosystems formed by successive pedogenetic processes, resulting in progressive accumulation of plant remains in the soil column under conditions that inhibit the activity of most microbial decomposers. In Diamantina, state of Minas Gerais, Brazil, a peatland is located at 1366 m asl, in a region with a quartz-rich lithology and characteristic wet grassland vegetation. For this study, the peat area was divided in 12 transects, from which a total of 90 soil samples were collected at a distance […]

Soil chemical and physical quality under natural tree vegetation and pasture in the Pantanal wetlands, South of Mato Grosso, Brazil

Evaldo Luis Cardoso, Marx Leandro Naves Silva, Nilton Curi, Mozart Martins Ferreira, Diego Antônio França de Freitas


The search for improved productivity of livestock has stimulated deforestation of forested areas in the Pantanal for pasture planting, raising concerns about the sustainability of the natural resources. To study some aspects of land use in the Pantanal of Mato Grosso, Brazil, this study aimed to evaluate the changes in chemical and physical soil properties due to the conversion of native tree vegetation in pasture, and the exposure of native pasture to a continuous grazing system. The environments of the […]

Soybean and eucalyptus response to increased soil density and phosphorus doses

Marco Aurélio Vitorino Ribeiro, Roberto Ferreira Novais, Valdemar Faquin, Mozart Martins Ferreira, Antônio Eduardo Furtini Neto, José Maria de Lima, [...]


Agriculture and soil management in the Cerrado can cause soil compaction, resulting in decreased porosity and water and nutrient availability, with a negative impact on plant growth and development. The objective of this study was to evaluate the effect of soil density and phosphorus doses (P) on soybean and eucalyptus grown in two Cerrado oxisols with different texture: one (LV) with 610 g kg-1 clay and the other (LVA), with 190 g kg-1 clay. Three soil densities (0. 90, 1. 10 and 1. 30 Mg m-3) […]

Rainfall erosivity and erodibility of Cambisol (Inceptisol) and Latosol (Oxisol) in the region of Lavras, Southern Minas Gerais State, Brazil

Antonio Marcos da Silva, Marx Leandro Naves Silva, Nilton Curi, Junior Cesar Avanzi, Mozart Martins Ferreira


Relatively few studies in Brazil have investigated soil erodibility, mainly for Cambisols (Inceptisols), due to the tediousness of data collection in natural rainfall experiments. Knowledge about erodibility and erosivity is important for conservation planning, which contributes to soil sustainability. This study aimed at evaluating the rainfall erosivity and erodibility of a typic dystrophic Tb Haplic Cambisol (Inceptisol) and a typic dystroferric Red Latosol (Oxisol) under natural rainfall, in Lavras, state of Minas Gerais, Brazil, between 1998 and 2002. Pluvial precipitation […]

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