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All publications of “Michele Duarte de Menezes”

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Bulk Density Prediction for Histosols and Soil Horizons with High Organic Matter Content

Sidinei Julio Beutler, Marcos Gervasio Pereira, Wagner de Souza Tassinari, Michele Duarte de Menezes, Gustavo Souza Valladares, Lúcia Helena Cunha dos Anjos


ABSTRACT Bulk density (Bd) can easily be predicted from other data using pedotransfer functions (PTF). The present study developed two PTFs (PTF1 and PTF2) for Bd prediction in Brazilian organic soils and horizons and compared their performance with nine previously published equations. Samples of 280 organic soil horizons used to develop PTFs and containing at least 80 g kg-1 total carbon content (TOC) were obtained from different regions of Brazil. The multiple linear stepwise regression technique was applied to validate […]

Evaluation and spatialization of rainfall erosivity in the Rio Doce Valley, central-eastern region of Minas Gerais, Brazil

Mayesse Aparecida da Silva, Marx Leandro Naves Silva, Nilton Curi, Gérson Rodrigues dos Santos, João José Granate de Sá e Melo Marques, Michele Duarte de Menezes, [...]


A very active and influential parameter in the erosive process is the R factor, called rainfall erosivity. This factor is one of the components of the universal soil loss equation. Studies in spatial variability have been conducted in an attempt to define the spatial distribution of the R factor for a given region. This study aimed to calculate the rainfall erosivity (R factor – EI30) to generate spatial maps. The study was conducted in experimental areas of eucalyptus stands in […]