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All publications of “Marcel Pires de Moraes”

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Physical attributes of a Haplic Cambisol in vineyards subjected to different traffic intensities

Cassio Marques de Valois, Jucinei José Comin, Milton da Veiga, Gustavo Brunetto, Jamil Abdalla Fayad, Fernando Cesar Bauer, [...]


Agricultural machine traffic causes soil compaction in vineyards, which may be accentuated between the rows due to greater intensity of traffic. The aim of this study was to evaluate the variability of soil physical properties as a function of the sampling position in relation to the plant row in commercial vineyards of the Bordô variety planted directly in the soil and subjected to different management practices. In February 2012, three vineyards were selected in the municipality of Major Gercino, southern […]

Accumulation of phosphorus fractions and contamination potential in vineyard soils in the southern region of the state of Santa Catarina, Brazil

Djalma Eugênio Schmitt, Jucinei José Comin, Carlos Alberto Ceretta, Luciano Colpo Gatiboni, Tales Tiecher, Felipe Lorensini, [...]


In vineyards, if phosphate is applied both before planting and at intervals during growth without consideration of technical criteria, the soil P fractions may be increased and their proportions altered. This study was carried out to evaluate the accumulation of P fractions and the parameters of the adsorption isotherm in a sandy Typic Hapludalf soil in vineyards with a history of successive and excessive phosphate fertilization. In December 2010, two vineyards were selected, one 4 and the other 15 years […]

Forms and accumulation of copper and zinc in a sandy typic hapludalf soil after long-term application of pig slurry and deep litter

Tadeu Luis Tiecher, Carlos Alberto Ceretta, Jucinei José Comin, Eduardo Girotto, Alcione Miotto, Marcel Pires de Moraes, [...]


Successive applications of pig slurry and pig deep litter may lead to an accumulation of copper (Cu) and zinc (Zn) fractions in the soil profile. The objective of this study was to evaluate the Cu and Zn forms and accumulation in a Sandy Typic Hapludalf soil after long-term application of pig slurry and deep litter. In March 2010, eight years after initiating an experiment in Braço do Norte, Santa Catarina (SC), Brazil, on a Sandy Typic Hapludalf soil, soil samples […]

Changes in soil acidity and organic carbon in a sandy typic hapludalf after medium-term pig-slurry and deep-litter application

Gustavo Brunetto, Jucinei José Comin, Djalma Eugênio Schmitt, Renato Guardini, Célito Pescador Mezzari, Bruno Salvador Oliveira, [...]


Successive applications of liquid swine waste to the soil can increase the contents of total organic carbon and nutrients and change acidity-related soil chemical properties. However, little information is available on the effects of swine waste application in solid form, as of swine deep-litter. The objective of this study was to evaluate alterations of organic carbon and acidity-related properties of a soil after eight years of pig slurry and deep-litter application. In the eighth year of a field experiment established […]