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All publications of “Mônica Ferreira de Abreu”

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Reference Values of Grain Nutrient Content and Removal for Corn

Aildson Pereira Duarte ORCID logo , Mônica Ferreira de Abreu, Eros Artur Bohac Francisco, Douglas de Castilho Gitti, Gabriel Barth, Claudinei Kappes


ABSTRACT: Unchanged reference values of grain nutrient contents for corn have been used for over 20 years, despite yield increases, the development of new hybrids, and modifications to cropping systems, especially the establishment of in-season second crops and the wide adoption of no-tillage. This study measured macro- and micronutrient contents in corn grains from different regions, in the first (summer) and second (fall) crop, to update the reference values of estimated nutrient removal. A secondary objective was to determine whether […]

Extractants to assess zinc phytoavailability in mineral fertilizer and industrial by-products

Camila Prado Cenciani de Souza, Cleide Aparecida de Abreu, Cristiano Alberto de Andrade, Mônica Ferreira de Abreu


Efficient analytical methods for the quantification of plant-available Zn contained in mineral fertilizers and industrial by-products are fundamental for the control and marketing of these inputs. In this sense, there are some doubts on the part of the scientific community as well as of the fertilizer production sector, whether the extractor requested by the government (Normative Instruction No. 28, called 2nd extractor), which is citric acid 2 % (2 % CA) (Brasil, 2007b), is effective in predicting the plant availability […]