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Functionalized Charcoal as a Buffering Matrix of Copper and Zinc Availability

Gelton Geraldo Fernandes Guimarães, Amanda Soares Giroto, Breno Cardoso Teixeira, Leonardus Vergütz, Reinaldo Bertola Cantarutti


ABSTRACT: High copper (Cu) and zinc (Zn) contents in soil can cause phytotoxicity to plants and contaminate surface and groundwater, with negative effects on agriculture and the environment. Functionalized charcoal (OCh) has high cation exchange capacity (CEC) and the ability to adsorb Cu and Zn and control their availability in the soil and water. An adsorption study at two pH levels was carried out to evaluate increasing Cu and Zn sorption capacity provided by the functionalization process of a charcoal. […]

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Physiological Responses to Hypoxia and Manganese in Eucalyptus Clones with Differential Tolerance to Vale do Rio Doce Shoot Dieback

Ignácio Harguindeguy, Gustavo Franco de Castro, Sarah Vieira Novais, Leonardus Vergutz, Wagner Luiz Araujo, Roberto Ferreira Novais


ABSTRACT: Vale do Rio Doce shoot dieback (VRDSD) is an anomaly whose cause seems to be associated with hypoxic conditions and their consequences (excess Mn and Fe) triggered by elevation of the water table in areas with poor drainage. Different plants have distinct survival strategies under this form of stress. The objective of this study was to understand the physiological responses involved in the differential tolerance of eucalyptus clones to VRDSD and their relationship to hypoxia and excess Mn. A […]

Iron Availability in Tropical Soils and Iron Uptake by Plants

Guilherme Furlan Mielki, Roberto Ferreira Novais, João Carlos Ker, Leonardus Vergütz, Gustavo Franco de Castro


ABSTRACT Given the increase in crop yields and the expansion of agriculture in low fertility soils, deficiency of micronutrients, such as iron, in plants grown in tropical soils has been observed. The aim of this study was to evaluate Fe availability and Fe uptake by corn (Zea mays L.) plants in 13 different soils, at two depths. Iron was extracted by Mehlich-1, Mehlich-3, and CaCl2 (Fe-CC) and was fractionated in forms related to low (Feo) and high (Fed) crystallinity pedogenic […]

Thermodynamic Characterization of Humic Acid-surfactant Interaction: New Insights into the Characteristics and Structure of Humic Acids

Leonardus Vergütz, Luis Henrique Mendes da Silva, Roberto Ferreira Novais, Maria do Carmo Hespanhol da Silva, Aparecida Barbosa Mageste, Ivo Ribeiro Silva


ABSTRACT Humic acids (HA) are a component of humic substances (HS), which are found in nearly all soils, sediments, and waters. They play a key role in many, if not most, chemical and physical properties in their environment. Despite the importance of HA, their high complexity makes them a poorly understood system. Therefore, understanding the physicochemical properties and interactions of HA is crucial for determining their fundamental role and obtaining structural details. Cationic surfactants are known to interact electrostatically and […]


Sarah Vieira Novais, Edson Marcio Mattiello, Leonardus Vergutz, Leônidas Carrijo Azevedo Melo, Írio Fernando de Freitas, Roberto Ferreira Novais


The Mehlich-1 (M-1) extractant and Monocalcium Phosphate in acetic acid (MCPa) have mechanisms for extraction of available P and S in acidity and in ligand exchange, whether of the sulfate of the extractant by the phosphate of the soil, or of the phosphate of the extractant by the sulfate of the soil. In clayey soils, with greater P adsorption capacity, or lower remaining P (Rem-P) value, which corresponds to soils with greater Phosphate Buffer Capacity (PBC), more buffered for acidity, […]


Luíz Paulo Figueredo Benício, Rejane Alvarenga Silva, Júnia Aparecida Lopes, Denise Eulálio, Rodrigo Morais Menezes dos Santos, Leonardo Angelo de Aquino, [...]


The current research aims to introduce Layered Double Hydroxides (LDH) as nanomaterials to be used in agriculture, with particular reference to its use as storage and slow release matrix of nutrients and agrochemicals for plant growing. Structural characteristics, main properties, synthesis methods and characterization of LDH were covered in this study. Moreover, some literature data have been reported to demonstrate their potential for storage and slow release of nitrate, phosphate, agrochemicals, besides as being used as adsorbent for the wastewater […]

Mobility of inorganic and organic phosphorus forms under different levels of phosphate and poultry litter fertilization in soils

Fabrício de Oliveira Gebrim, Roberto Ferreira Novais, Ivo Ribeiro da Silva, Fernanda Schulthais, Leonardus Vergütz, Lorena Costa Procópio, [...]


The eutrophication of aquifers is strongly linked to the mobility of P in soils. Although P mobility was considered irrelevant in a more distant past, more recent studies have shown that P, both in organic (Po) and inorganic forms (Pi), can be lost by leaching and eluviation through the soil profile, particularly in less weathered and/or sandier soils with low P adsorption capacity. The purpose of this study was to determine losses of P forms by leaching and eluviation from […]

Changes in soil organic matter along a chronosequence of an agrosilvipastoral system of eucalypt cultivation

Leonardus Vergutz, Roberto Ferreira Novais, Ivo Ribeiro da Silva, Nairam Félix de Barros, Tiago Novais Nunes, Antônio Augusto de Moraes Piau


Agrosilvipastoral systems represent agro-forestry practices that allow greater diversity and sustainability of a cropping system. Soil organic matter (SOM) is one of the main indicators of the sustainability of a cropping system, especially in tropical soils. The objectives of this study were to investigate the impact of eucalypt cultivation on different C and N of SOM fractions on agrosilvipastoral systems over time. To this end, a chronosequence consisting of six implantation times of an agrosilvipastoral system was sampled. Time zero […]

Cation leaching favored by inorganic anions and low molecular mass organic acids in soils fertilized with different poultry litters

Fabrício de Oliveira Gebrim, Ivo Ribeiro Silva, Roberto Ferreira Novais, Leonardus Vergütz, Lorena Costa Procópio, Tiago Novais Nunes, [...]


The exponential growth in poultry farming in Brazil has led to a parallel increase in the production of manure and poultry litter. The litter generated in this activity used to be largely employed as cattle feed. However, the enactment of a law that bans the use of poultry litter as animal feed intensified its use as organic fertilizer in agriculture. Despite its importance, there are gaps in our knowledge on an adequate use to obtain high plant yields without threatening […]

The effect of density fractionation solutions on the amount and quality of light-fraction organic matter and the content of heavy-fraction organic carbon

Michelle Sales Moreira Demolinari, Ivo Ribeiro Silva, Augusto Miguel Nascimento Lima, Leonardus Vergutz, Eduardo de Sá Mendonça


The light organic matter fraction is known as an early indicator of changes in soil organic matter (SOM) as a result of different soil use and management. Several solutions are used in its separation, but little is known about the effect of these solutions on the quantity and quality of the extracted fraction, as well as the possible interferences of the separation solution on the quantification of organic carbon (C) content. Twenty soils with variable clay contents and under different […]