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All publications of “Leonardo Mendes Bastos”

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Root and Shoot Contribution to Carbon and Nitrogen Inputs in the Topsoil Layer in No-Tillage Crop Systems under Subtropical Conditions

Marciel Redin, Sylvie Recous, Celso Aita, Bruno Chaves, Ismael Cristiano Pfeifer, Leonardo Mendes Bastos, [...]


ABSTRACT Recycling of carbon (C) and nitrogen (N) from plants into soils is decisive for maintaining soil organic matter and soil fertility. Therefore, we quantified plant biomass and C and N in the shoots and roots from the topsoil layer for a wide range of annual crops grown under subtropical conditions. We grew 26 species, 13 main crops, and 13 cover crops, in the field in standard sowing arrangements. Root biomass was recovered from the 0.00-0.20 m soil layer at […]

Carbon and Nitrogen Mineralization in Soil Combining Sewage Sludge and Straw

Sandro José Giacomini, Vera Lúcia Guedes Simon, Celso Aita, Leonardo Mendes Bastos, Douglas Adams Weiler, Marciel Redin


ABSTRACT The combined incorporation of sewage sludge (SS) and oat straw (OS) to the soil can increase straw carbon mineralization and microbial nitrogen immobilization. This hypothesis was tested in two laboratory experiments, in which SS was incorporated in the soil with and without OS. One treatment in which only straw was incorporated and a control with only soil were also evaluated. The release of CO2 and mineral N in the soil after organic material incorporation was evaluated for 110 days. […]