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Phosphorus Fractions in Soil with Organic and Mineral Fertilization in Integrated Crop-Livestock System

Amanda Zolet Rigo, Juliano Corulli Corrêa ORCID logo , Álvaro Luiz Mafra, Paulo Hentz, Marco André Grohskopf, Luciano Colpo Gatiboni, [...]


ABSTRACT Use of organic fertilizers in integrated crop-livestock (iCL) systems may affect soil phosphorus fractions. This study aimed to determine phosphorus fractions in the soil under the iCL system after six years of application of organic or mineral fertilizers. The experiment was conducted on a Rhodic Kandiudox (Nitossolo Vermelho Distroférrico) in a randomized block design, using a 5 × 3 + 1 factorial scheme, with four replicates. The treatments consisted of three organic fertilizers (poultry litter, pig slurry, and compost) […]

Addition of Urease Inhibitor Has No Effect on Ammonia Volatilization Following Soil Application of Poultry Litter or Organomineral Fertilizer, Unlike Urea

Késia Silva Lourenço, Paulo Roberto Ernani, Juliano Corulli Corrêa, Sulian Junkes Dal Molin, Lucas Silva Lourenço


ABSTRACT Quantification of ammonia volatilization after addition of animal residues and nitrogen (N) mineral fertilizers to the soil is important for N management in fertilization programs. The objective of this study was to evaluate the effect of adding a urease inhibitor to N fertilizers to minimize ammonia losses following soil application. The experiment was carried out in a laboratory with samples of a Brazilian Oxisol containing 790 g kg-1 clay and 23 g kg-1 organic matter. Treatments consisted of addition […]

Poultry Litter and Pig slurry Applications in an Integrated Crop-Livestock System

Paulo Hentz, Juliano Corulli Corrêa, Renato Serena Fontaneli, Agostinho Rebelatto, Rodrigo da Silveira Nicoloso, Claudio Eduardo Neves Semmelmann


ABSTRACT Organic fertilizers derived from poultry litter and pig slurry are alternatives to mineral fertilizers in increasing soil nutrient availability. The aim of this study was to evaluate soil response, through characterization of organic C and available N, P, and K contents, and corn yield response to increasing amounts of poultry litter, pig slurry, and mineral fertilizers in an integrated crop-livestock production system (ICL) from 2011 to 2013. The experimental design consisted of randomized blocks in a 4 × 3 […]

Soil Solution Nutrient Availability, Nutritional Status and Yield of Corn Grown in a Typic Hapludox under Twelve Years of Pig Slurry Fertilizations

Marco André Grohskopf, Paulo Cezar Cassol, Juliano Corulli Corrêa, Jackson Adriano Albuquerque, Paulo Roberto Ernani, Maria Sueli Heberle Mafra, [...]


ABSTRACT Nutrient content in soil solution may vary in response to the applied amount of pig slurry (PS). Thus, the aim of this research was to evaluate the nutrient content in soil solution and its relationship to nutritional status and yield of corn under 12 years of annual fertilization with increasing doses of PS, soluble mineral fertilizer (MF) and PS combined with MF. The experiment was conducted under field conditions in a Latossolo Vermelho Distroférrico (Typic Hapludox). The treatments consisted […]


Marco André Grohskopf, Paulo Cezar Cassol, Juliano Corulli Correa, Maria Sueli Heberle Mafra, Jonas Panisson


The application of pig slurry may have a different effect on nitrogen dynamics in soil compared to mineral fertilization. Thus, the aim of this study was to determine the different forms of organic N in a Latossolo Vermelho distroférrico (Typic Hapludox) and their relationship to N uptake by crops in response to 10 years of annual application of pig slurry and mineral fertilizer. The treatments were application rates of 0, 25, 50, 100, and 200 m3 ha-1 of pig slurry, […]

Nutrient uptake and yield of common bean fertilized with poultry litters and mineral nutrients

Késia Silva Lourenço, Juliano Corulli Corrêa, Paulo Roberto Ernani, Letícia dos Santos Lopes, Rodrigo da Silveira Nicoloso


Common bean is traditionally grown on small farms in Brazil, where animal wastes are often used as soil fertilizer. Since this is a short-cycle species, nutrients must be available soon after seed germination, which is not always the case when supplied in the form of organic fertilizers. This study was carried out to evaluate the efficiency of different poultry litters in comparison with mineral fertilizers to increase dry matter yield and nutrient release to beans. The experiment was conducted in […]

Physical properties and organic carbon content of a Rhodic Kandiudox fertilized with pig slurry and poultry litter

Luiz Paulo Rauber, Cristiano Dela Piccolla, Andréia Patrícia Andrade, Augusto Friederichs, Álvaro Luiz Mafra, Juliano Corulli Corrêa, [...]


The impact of pig slurry and poultry litter fertilization on soils depends on the conditions of use and the amounts applied. This study evaluated the effect of organic fertilizers after different application periods in different areas on the physical properties and organic carbon contents of a Rhodic Kandiudox, in Concordia, Santa Catarina, in Southern Brazil. The treatments consisted of different land uses and periods of pig and poultry litter fertilization: silage maize (M7 years), silage maize (M20 years), annual ryegrass […]

Influence of silicate and lime on crop residue decomposition and nutrient availability to bean plants

Fabiana Aparecida Fernandez, Leonardo Theodoro Bull, Juliano Corulli Corrêa, Douglas Ricardo Crespam


Si made available by Ca silicate can increase polyphenol formation, which could increase the persistence of crop residues on the soil surface. The present study evaluated the effect of silicate and lime on decomposition of different crop residues and the nutrient release for the development of common bean plants. An experimental design in randomized blocks, arranged as a 3 x 5 factorial combination, was used with four replications. Treatments consisted of three cover plant species: millet (Pennisetum americanum), brachiaria (Brachiaria brizantha), and […]

Oxisol physical attributes affected by surface application of flue dust, aqueous lime, sewage sludges and limestone

Juliano Corulli Corrêa, Leonardo Theodoro Bull, Carlos Alexandre Costa Crusciol, Maria Helena Moraes


The residues flue dust, aqueous lime and sewage sludge (centrifuge and biodigestor) may affect soil physical attributes. The use of industrial and urban residues in soil, with emphasis to sewage sludge, was done in tilled soil, and there are no repports on soil physical attributes affected by these residues on soil surface in no-till system The goal of this study was to evaluate the physical attributes of a an Oxisol in no-till system by surface dispoasal of sewage sludge, flue […]

Surface application by different lime source in root growth and yield of black oat

Juliano Corulli Corrêa, Leonardo Theodoro Büll, Carlos Alexandre Costa Crusciol, Dirceu Maximino Fernandes, Maurício Gomes de Mattos Peres


Surface lime application to an acid soil under no-till system and normal rainfall conditions increases yield and crop root growth near the soil surface, but the effects of lime sources like flue dust, sewage sludge and aqueous lime have not been fully investigated . The experiment aimed to evaluate the effects of surface application of different lime sources on soil chemical attributes of a clayey, dystrophic Oxisol and black oat root growth and yield under a no-till system. Evaluations were […]

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