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Impacts of Pig Slurry Applied to Two Different Soils on Nutrient Transport by Runoff

Danieli Schneiders Kaufmann, Ildegardis Bertol ORCID logo , Maria Aparecida do Nascimento dos Santos, Barbara Bagio, José Mecabô Júnior, Heinz Borg


ABSTRACT: Runoff in agricultural areas with intensive application of pig slurry can transport significant amounts of nutrients. This study evaluates the effects of different pig slurry (PS) application rates (0, 50, 100, and 200 m3 ha-1) on nutrient loss through runoff during soybean cultivation under no-tillage. It was conducted at two sites in southern Brazil, one on an Alfisol (27° 43′ south and 50° 3′ west) and one on an Inceptisol (27° 47′ south and 50° 18′ west). The PS […]

Influence of single application pig slurry on water erosion in a typical alfisol under no tillage

José Mecabô Júnior, Ildegardis Bertol, Fabrício Tondello Barbosa, Gabriel de Souza Oselame


Pig production in the State of Santa Catarina, Brazil, is responsible for many jobs in the rural area and it has great social and economic importance. This study was carried out from March to September 2012 to evaluate the influence of a single application of pig slurry to an Ultisol (Nitossolo Bruno aluminoférrico húmico) soil on losses of water, soil, P and K due to water erosion. Treatments consisted of application rates of 0 (zero), 50, 100, and 200 m3 […]

Cation leaching from an acid soil after application of alkaline by-product from the pulp and paper industry

Henrique Cesar Almeida, Paulo Roberto Ernani, Jackson Adriano Albuquerque, José Mecabô Junior, Denice Almeida


Alkaline by-products generated in the pulp and paper industry can be used to reduce soil acidity. However, the low Mg and intermediate Na values in these residues can negatively affect the bioavailability of some nutrients and soil properties. Before recommending them, it is therefore imperative that their effects on the soil be evaluated. The objective of this study was to quantify the soil chemical composition and vertical mobility of cations due to application of alkaline industrial residue in different forms, […]