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All publications of “José Coelho de Araújo Filho”

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Genesis and Classification of Nitisols from Volcano-Sedimentary Lithology in Northeastern Brazil

Edivan Uchôa Cavalcanti da Costa, Jane Kelly Silva Araujo, Laércio Vieira de Melo Wanderley Neves, José Coelho de Araújo Filho, Juliet Emília Santos de Sousa, Marcelo Metri Corrêa, [...]


ABSTRACT On the southern coast of Pernambuco State (PE), Brazil, lithotypes of the Cabo Basin (volcanic and sedimentary rocks), in association with the relief, allow the determination of the dynamics of the formation of Nitossolos Háplicos (Nitisols), including those with high levels of exchangeable aluminum. The objective of this study was to evaluate the influence of lithological diversity (basalt and sedimentary siliciclastic rocks) on the morphological, physical, chemical, and mineralogical properties of Nitossolos Háplicos along a slope (P1-summit, P2-backslope, P3-footslope) […]

Podzolization in soils of depressed summit areas on the coastal plains of the brazilian Northeastern region

Elen Alvarenga Silva, João Bosco Vasconcellos Gomes, José Coelho de Araújo Filho, Carlos Alberto Silva, Samara Andrade de Carvalho, Nilton Curi


The soils associated to depressed summits on the Coastal Plains are still little studied in Brazil and are differentiated in several aspects. Generally, the closer a soil is to these depressions, the sandier is the texture and the more accentuated the hydromorphism, where the occurrence of Spodosols is common. The objective of this work was to perform different extractions of Fe, Al, Si and organic C to understand the podzolization process in soils of the summit depressions of the Coastal […]

Mineralogy and micromorphology of cohesive horizons in oxisols and ultisols of the coastal tablelands of Alagoas, Brazil

José de Almeida Lima Neto, Mateus Rosas Ribeiro, Marcelo Metri Corrêa, Valdomiro Severino de Souza-Júnior, José Coelho de Araújo Filho, José Fernando W.F Lima


The cohesive character is a property of subsurface soil horizons with hard to extremely hard consistency when dry, and friable or firm when wet. Despite the agricultural importance, the formation of these horizons has not been fully explained. The objective of this study was a chemical, mineralogical and micromorphological characterization of cohesive soils of the Coastal Tablelands in Northeast Brazil, to understand their pedogenesis and identify properties for the definition of the cohesive character by the Brazilian System of Soil […]