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Chemical dispersion in particle size analysis of latosols

Jocimar Mauri, Hugo Alberto Ruiz, Raphael Bragança Alves Fernandes, João Carlos Ker, Luiz Rogério Martins Rezende


The complete sample dispersion and maintenance of stability in the dispersed phase are fundamental for a greater accuracy in soil texture analysis. For this purpose, Na+ and Li+ compounds were tested as alternative chemical dispersants, compared to a 10 mmol L-1 NaOH solution, for the possibility of a more effective dispersion and to minimize the presence of pseudo components, basically pseudo-silt, in the particle size analysis of Oxisols. Eight samples of Oxisols from the State of Minas Gerais, selected for […]

Dry matter production, root growth and calcium, phosphorus and aluminum absorption by coffea canephora and coffea arabica under influence of aluminum activity in solution

Edson Marcio Mattiello, Marcos Gervasio Pereira, Everaldo Zonta, Jocimar Mauri, José Dioenis Matiello, Paulo Geovane Meireles, [...]


This study had the objective of evaluating the dry matter production, root growth, and the absorption and distribution of Ca, P and Al in the leaves, stem and roots of two Conilon (Coffea canephora) coffee clones (Mtl 25 and Mtl 27) and the coffee variety Catuaí Amarelo (Coffea arabica) grown in nutrient solution with increasing Al3+ activity. The plants were cultivated in 5 L pots, containing modified Hoagland & Arnold nutrient solution. After eight days of adaptation, the plants were subjected to Al […]