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Carbon Stocks and Pools in Relation to the Texture of Kaolinitic Soils from the Brazilian East Coast

João Bosco Vasconcellos Gomes, Carlos Alberto Silva, Tamara Letícia de Azevedo Ferreira, Mozart Martins Ferreira, Alberto Vasconcellos Inda, Nilton Curi


ABSTRACT: Extremely kaolinitic soils of Tertiary age elevations on the Brazilian east coast present a wide range of texture, which is recognized as one of the main factors controlling the soil organic matter contents. This study aimed to investigate the organic C storage of different compartments of kaolinitic soils. The studied soils had a wide particle size gradient, were under native forest vegetation, and located on Brazil’s eastern coast (Coruripe – CF, Umbaúba – UF, Nova Viçosa – VF, Sooretama […]

Cemented Horizons and Hardpans in the Coastal Tablelands of Northeastern Brazil

João Bosco Vasconcellos Gomes, José Coelho Araújo, Pablo Vidal-Torrado, Miguel Cooper, Elen Alvarenga da Silva, Nilton Curi


ABSTRACT Horizons with varying degrees of cementation are a common feature of the soils from the coastal tablelands of Northeastern Brazil. In most cases, these horizons are represented by the following subsurface horizons: fragipan, duripan, ortstein, and placic. The aims of this study were to analyze differences regarding the development and the degree of expression of cementation in soils from the coastal tablelands of Northeastern Brazil: Planossolo Háplico (p-SX), Espodossolo Humilúvico (p-EK), Espodossolo Ferrihumilúvico (p-ESK), and Argissolo Acinzentado (p-PAC) pedons. […]

Podzolization in soils of depressed summit areas on the coastal plains of the brazilian Northeastern region

Elen Alvarenga Silva, João Bosco Vasconcellos Gomes, José Coelho de Araújo Filho, Carlos Alberto Silva, Samara Andrade de Carvalho, Nilton Curi


The soils associated to depressed summits on the Coastal Plains are still little studied in Brazil and are differentiated in several aspects. Generally, the closer a soil is to these depressions, the sandier is the texture and the more accentuated the hydromorphism, where the occurrence of Spodosols is common. The objective of this work was to perform different extractions of Fe, Al, Si and organic C to understand the podzolization process in soils of the summit depressions of the Coastal […]

Relationship among soil attributes and ant activity in restinga soils

João Bosco Vasconcellos Gomes, Antonio Carlos Barreto, Miguel Michereff Filho, Wiviane Carlos Lima Vidal, Jefferson Luis da Silva Costa, Ary Teixeira de Oliveira-Filho, [...]


In restinga soils with sand-quartzous constitution the influence of the organic fraction and biological activity on soil key functions is increased, e.g., the capacity of recycling and storing nutrients. The analysis of soil attributes and edaphic fauna at sites under different vegetation cover types is important to understand the behavior of these environments. In this study, chemical, physical and microbiological soil attributes of restinga sites and their relationships with ant populations under different vegetation types in the state of Sergipe […]

Soil spatial variation and properties as related to Management units in an experimental area of integrated coconut production

João Bosco Vasconcellos Gomes, Edson Luis Bolfe, Nilton Curi, Humberto Rollemberg Fontes, Antonio Carlos Barreto, Robson Dantas Viana


The objective of this work was to access spatial variations of soils from experimental plots for integrated coconut production based on the detailed mapping of soils and the construction of contour maps of soil properties. Observations and measurements were formed and samples collected in small trenches and soil profiles. The amount of soil clay from small trenches was evaluated in the field by finger touch feeling. Physical and chemical analyses were performed in all samples. Particle-size-distribution (profiles), Al, Ca and […]

Mineralogy and micromorphology of skeletal soils from the cerrado bioma in eastern Goiás

João Bosco Vasconcellos Gomes, Nilton Curi, Darrell Gene Schulze, João José Granate de Sá e Melo Marques, João Carlos Ker, Paulo Emilio Ferreira da Motta


The great amount of mineral material with a diameter > 2 mm in soils of the Cerrado biome is an intriguing characteristic that needs highlights the importance of further studies on soil formation, soil classification, land use and management. For a comparison of the morphological, physical, chemical, mineralogical, and micromorphological attributes of such skeletal soils, profiles of Petric Plinthosols and Haplic Cambisols from the eastern Goiás, Brazil, were studied and compared with similar profiles described in the literature. A pit […]

Suitability for reforestation of the canal do Cunha and canal do Mangue watersheds, state of Rio de Janeiro

João Bosco Vasconcellos Gomes, José Francisco Lumbreras, R. P. de Oliveira, Silvio Barge Bhering, M. J. Zaroni, Aluisio Granato de Andrade, [...]


The suitability for reforestation of parts of the North Slope of the Tijuca neighborhood not covered by buildings, the Mangue and Cunha watersheds, was studied. The plan was to subsidize the “Mutirão” Reforestation Program of the Environmental Department of Rio de Janeiro Municipality. Nutrient deficiency, water deficiency, erosion susceptibility and management impediments were considered in the evaluation of land suitability. The limitation degrees were evaluated for the components of soil survey units, considering soil and landscape information from the available […]