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Field Perception of the Boundary Between Soil and Saprolite by Pedologists and its Differentiation Using Mathematical Models

Roseclênia Alves Santos ORCID logo , Renata Alcarde Sermarini ORCID logo , Adriano Ribeiro Guerra, Jean Cheyson Barros dos Santos, Antonio Carlos de Azevedo ORCID logo


ABSTRACT Saprolite plays a central role into hydrologic and nutrient cycles. Despite that, saprolite research is scattered and uses heterogeneous, sometimes conflicting, methods and concepts. During field work, it is difficult to assign the boundary between soil and saprolite. This paper aimed to identify the subjacent logic that pedologists use to assign to a regolith volume its soil or saprolite nature. To achieve this goal, a tree algorithm was used to build a hierarchy of physical and chemical properties of […]

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Weathering of Rhyolites and Soil Formation in an Atlantic Forest Fragment in Northeastern Brazil

Stephany Alves Brilhante, Jean Cheyson Barros dos Santos, Valdomiro Severino de Souza, Jane Kelly Silva Araújo, Mateus Rosas Ribeiro, Marcelo Metri Corrêa


ABSTRACT Weathering and pedogenesis have been studied for a wide range of rocks and climates around the world. However, the eruption of rhyolitic magmas is a rare geological event, which leads to few studies associated with the rhyolite-soil-landscape relationship. In this context, this study evaluated the influence of rhyolite weathering on the properties of soils along a slope in an Atlantic Forest environment in the state of Pernambuco, northeastern Brazil. Four weathering profiles derived from rhyolites were classified and sampled […]

Characterization of regosols in the semiarid region of Pernambuco, Brazil

Jean Cheyson Barros dos Santos, Valdomiro Severino de Souza Júnior, Marcelo Metri Corrêa, Mateus Rosas Ribeiro, Maria da Conceição de Almeida, Lucila Ester Prado Borges


Studies on soil characterization in unexplored regions, besides the generation of data banks for the soil classes of the country, also produce scientific information about soil properties, important for the development of good management practices and sustainable land use. One of the main soil classes in the semiarid region of Pernambuco State, the Regosols, cover about 27 % of the state area, and are used mainly for family agriculture. Due to different geological and climatic aspects Regosols with different chemical, physical […]