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Modeling in the Adjustment of Fertilization Recommendation through Leaf Analysis in Fertigated ‘Prata’ Banana

José Aridiano Lima de Deus, Júlio César Lima Neves, Ismail Soares, Víctor Hugo Alvarez V., Fabricio Martinazzo Regis de Albuquerque, Lauana Lopes dos Santos, [...]


ABSTRACT: In banana cultivation, fertilization recommendations are almost exclusively based on soil chemical analysis, without considering leaf analysis and expected yield, which can help in the adjustment of fertilization programs. The aim of this study was to develop a method to recommend macronutrient fertilization rates which integrates data on leaf analysis, soil chemical analysis, and yield. Yield, soil chemical analysis, and leaf analysis data of fertigated plantations of ‘Prata’ banana were obtained for the first and second halves of the […]


José Aridiano Lima de Deus, Ismail Soares, Júlio César Lima Neves, José Francismar de Medeiros, Fábio Rodrigues de Miranda


Melon is one of the most demanding cucurbits regarding fertilization, requiring knowledge of soils, crop nutritional requirements, time of application, and nutrient use efficiency for proper fertilization. Developing support systems for decision-making for fertilization that considers these variables in nutrient requirement and supply is necessary. The objective of this study was parameterization of a fertilizer recommendation system for melon (Ferticalc-melon) based on nutritional balance. To estimate fertilizer recommendation, the system considers the requirement subsystem (REQ), which includes the demand for […]

Yield performance of upland rice cultivars at different rates and times of nitrogen application

José Hildernando Bezerra Barreto, Ismail Soares, José Almeida Pereira, Antonio Marcos Esmeraldo Bezerra, José Aridiano Lima de Deus


Nitrogen is the most important nutrient for rice (Oryza sativa L) yields. This study aimed to evaluate the response of upland rice cultivars to N rate and application times in a randomized block design, in subdivided plots with four replications. The studied factors were five rice cultivars (BRS MG Curinga, BRS Monarca, BRS Pepita, BRS Primavera, and BRS Sertaneja), three application times (100 % at planting, 50 % at planting – 50 % at tillering and 100 % at tillering) […]