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Assessment of Trace Element Contents in Soils and Water from Cerrado Wetlands, Triângulo Mineiro Region

Bruno Teixeira Ribeiro ORCID logo , Diogo Costa Nascimento, Nilton Curi, Luiz Roberto Guimarães Guilherme, Enio Tarso de Souza Costa, Guilherme Lopes, [...]


ABSTRACT In the Brazilian Cerrado biome, there are wetlands locally known as “Veredas”, which are swampy plains between hills and rivers. Since the 1970’s, the Cerrado biome has been gradually converted to livestock, crop, or forestry production. Until now, very few studies were conducted to evaluate the baseline contents of trace elements in Cerrado wetland soils. Due to their position in the landscape (bottom lands), the wetlands are potentially susceptible to contamination by runoff and/or leaching from surrounding areas at […]

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Aluminum industry by-product as an amendment for cadmium and lead-contaminated soils

Enio Tarso de Souza Costa, Luiz Roberto Guimarães Guilherme, Nilton Curi, Luiz Carlos Alves de Oliveira, Elton Luiz Visioli, Guilherme Lopes


Soil pollution with trace elements has been of great concern in the last years due to the increase in contaminated areas, which calls for a better understanding of trace element availability and environmental remediation. This study evaluated the performance of an aluminum industry by-product as soil amendment in Cd- and Pb-contaminated soils. Samples of a sandy (50 g kg-1 clay) and a clayey (540 g kg-1 clay) soil were mixed with polluted soil (15 %) with high Cd and Pb […]