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The Use of DRIS for Nutritional Diagnosis in Oil Palm in the State of Pará

Gilson Sergio Bastos de Matos, Antonio Rodrigues Fernandes, Paulo Guilherme Salvador Wadt, Antônio José de Abreu Pina, Vinícius Ide Franzini, Helen Monique Nascimento Ramos


ABSTRACT The oil palm crop has expanded significantly in the state of Pará, which has not been followed in a proportional manner by studies aiming at increasing yield through plant nutrition. The objective of this study was to evaluate general and specific norms of the Diagnosis and Recommendation Integrated System (DRIS) for genetic materials of oil palm (African and interspecific hybrid) at two ages (young and adult plants) and evaluate possible deficiencies in fertilization and soil correction practices. The DRIS […]

Potential acidity estimated by SMP pH in soils of the state of Pará

Marcos André Piedade Gama, Gilson Sergio Bastos de Matos, George Rodrigues da Silva, Edilson Carvalho Brasil, Otiniel Ferreira Nunes


The use of SMP pH to estimate the potential acidity (H + Al) is more practical than the method of 0.5 mol L-1 calcium acetate for routine laboratory analyses. The objective was to fit an equation to estimate the H + Al from SMP pH values of soils of the State of Pará. From various regions of the state, 177 soil samples were collected, in which the SMP pH was determined in 0.01 mol L-1 CaCl2 solution and H + […]