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Reference Values of Grain Nutrient Content and Removal for Corn

Aildson Pereira Duarte ORCID logo , Mônica Ferreira de Abreu, Eros Artur Bohac Francisco, Douglas de Castilho Gitti, Gabriel Barth, Claudinei Kappes


ABSTRACT: Unchanged reference values of grain nutrient contents for corn have been used for over 20 years, despite yield increases, the development of new hybrids, and modifications to cropping systems, especially the establishment of in-season second crops and the wide adoption of no-tillage. This study measured macro- and micronutrient contents in corn grains from different regions, in the first (summer) and second (fall) crop, to update the reference values of estimated nutrient removal. A secondary objective was to determine whether […]


Maik Barbosa Rodrighero, Gabriel Barth, Eduardo Fávero Caires


ABSTRACT To reduce acidity in no-till systems, lime is broadcast on the soil surface without incorporation. Two experiments were carried out, one in a clayey Latossolo Vermelho Distrófico (Rhodic Hapludox) and another in a sandy loam Neossolo Litólico Húmico (Lithic Hapludoll), to test the hypothesis that the source and particle size of lime influence soil reaction in the short term, and crop response to surface liming under a no-till system. A randomized complete block design was used in a 2 […]

Long-term effects of the application of gypsum and lime in a no-till system

Volnei Pauletti, Letícia de Pierri, Thiago Ranzan, Gabriel Barth, Antonio Carlos Vargas Motta


The effects of lime and gypsum are widely discussed in the literature, but their magnitude in relation to effects in the soil profile is dependent on the time since application of these inputs. Thus, the aim of this study is to evaluate the effect of long-term application of gypsum and lime on chemical properties of a soil in crop rotation in a no-till system. The experiment was carried out in Jaguariaíva, Paraná state, Brazil, in a sandy loam Latossolo Vermelho-Amarelo […]

Cadmium availability and accumulation by lettuce and rice

Bruno Fernando Faria Pereira, Danilo Eduardo Rozane, Suzana Romeiro Araújo, Gabriel Barth, Rafaela Josemara Barbosa Queiroz, Thiago Assis Rodrigues Nogueira, [...]


Among the toxic elements, Cd has received considerable attention in view of its association with a number of human health problems. The objectives of this study were to evaluate the Cd availability and accumulation in soil, transfer rate and toxicity in lettuce and rice plants grown in a Cd-contaminated Typic Hapludox. Two simultaneous greenhouse experiments with lettuce and rice test plants were conducted in a randomized complete block design with four replications. The treatments consisted of four Cd rates (CdCl2), […]