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All publications of “Fernando Henrique Setti Gimenes”

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Soil Water Retention Curve as Affected by Sample Height

Maria Laiane do Nascimento Silva, Paulo Leonel Libardi, Fernando Henrique Setti Gimenes


ABSTRACT: The soil water retention curve is one of the main instruments to assess the soil physical quality and to improve soil management. Traditionally, the equipment most used in the laboratory to determine the retention curve has been Haines funnels and Richards chambers. An important factor to which little attention has been given in the use of these equipaments is the height of the undisturbed soil sample. This work proposes to evaluate the influence of different heights of undisturbed samples […]

Compared performance of penetrometers and effect of soil water content on penetration resistance measurements

Edison Aparecido Mome Filho, Alvaro Pires da Silva, Getulio Coutinho Figueiredo, Fernando Henrique Setti Gimenes, André Cesar Vitti


Modern agriculture techniques have a great impact on crops and soil quality, especially by the increased machinery traffic and weight. Several devices have been developed for determining soil properties in the field, aimed at managing compacted areas. Penetrometry is a widely used technique; however, there are several types of penetrometers, which have different action modes that can affect the soil resistance measurement. The objective of this study was to compare the functionality of two penetrometry methods (manual and automated mode) […]