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Volatilization of ammonia from urea compacted with sulfur and bentonite in a controlled environment

José Antônio de Oliveira, Juliano Bahiense Stafanato, Rosimar de Souza Goulart, Everaldo Zonta, Eduardo Lima, Nelson Mazur, [...]


In recent years, new technologies have been developed to reduce N losses when using urea as a source of this macronutrient. The use of fertilizers with acidic features can reduce ammonia losses from volatilization when combined with urea. The objective of this study was to assess ammonia losses from sources of N with or without coating and/or incorporation of S and bentonite. These fertilizers were applied to the surface of a Haplic Planosol contained in trays (0.1 m2 area and […]

Ammonia volatilization from pelletized urea with micronutrients in a controlled environment

Juliano Bahiense Stafanato, Rosimar de Souza Goulart, Everaldo Zonta, Eduardo Lima, Nelson Mazur, Carlos Guerra Pereira, [...]


New technologies that enable a reduction in NH3-N volatilization losses should be developed to increase the N use efficiency of urea. The incorporation of boron and copper into urea can reduce these effects by inhibiting urease activity. The experiment was conducted in a greenhouse, testing the application of different N fertilizers (urea pellets with and without boron and copper, ammonium sulfate, urea with urease inhibitor NBPT, granulated urea and urea coated with boron and copper) to the surface of a […]

Residual effects of nitrogen, potassium and vinasse, fertilization on cane plant and ratoon harvested with and without straw burning

Nivaldo Schultz, Eduardo Lima, Marcos Gervasio Pereira, Everaldo Zonta


The application of vinasse supplemented with nitrogen fertilizer to sugarcane with stubble maintained on the soil surface improves the physical, chemical and biological soil properties and may result in increased crop yield. The aim of this study was to evaluate residual effects of fertilization on cane plant, as wellas the effect of vinasse application to ratoon cane under different management systems in Conceição da Barra, state of Espírito Santo. The experiment was carried out from 2005 to 2007, on an […]

Dry matter production, root growth and calcium, phosphorus and aluminum absorption by coffea canephora and coffea arabica under influence of aluminum activity in solution

Edson Marcio Mattiello, Marcos Gervasio Pereira, Everaldo Zonta, Jocimar Mauri, José Dioenis Matiello, Paulo Geovane Meireles, [...]


This study had the objective of evaluating the dry matter production, root growth, and the absorption and distribution of Ca, P and Al in the leaves, stem and roots of two Conilon (Coffea canephora) coffee clones (Mtl 25 and Mtl 27) and the coffee variety Catuaí Amarelo (Coffea arabica) grown in nutrient solution with increasing Al3+ activity. The plants were cultivated in 5 L pots, containing modified Hoagland & Arnold nutrient solution. After eight days of adaptation, the plants were subjected to Al […]

Input of dissolved carbon and its influence on humic substances content in an Oxisol

Erika Polverari Farias, Everaldo Zonta, Luciano Pasqualoto Canellas, Gabriel de Araujo Santos


The aim of this study was to quantify the contribution of soluble organic-C deposition by rice root system and the CO2 evolution during 64 days in an Oxisol samples treated with glucose, and rice roots collected at different plant growth stages (40, 60, 80, 100, 120 and 140 days after sowing). Thereafter, organic matter was fractionated to evaluate the effect of the addition of a root system on the soil humus composition. It was possible to observe the intense rhizodeposition of organic […]