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Nitrate Reductase Activity and Nitrogen and Biomass Accumulation in Sugarcane under Molybdenum and Nitrogen Fertilization

Renato Lemos dos Santos, Fernando José Freire, Emídio Cantídio Almeida de Oliveira, Maria Betânia Galvão dos Santos Freire ORCID logo , Jason Brossard West, José de Arruda Barbosa, [...]


ABSTRACT Prior research on sugarcane showed increment of productivity following molybdenum (Mo) fertilization and some indication of the potential role either on nitrate reductase activity (NRA). However, this increment can depend on sugarcane variety and nitrogen (N) fertilization. This study aimed to evaluate the effect of Mo fertilization on Mo uptake, on NRA, nitrate (NO3–-N), and ammonium (NH4+-N) contents in leaves and roots of sugarcane, and the accumulation of N and biomass across two sugarcane varieties (RB 867515 and RB […]

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Nutrient extraction and export by fully irrigated sugarcane varieties

Emídio Cantídio Almeida de Oliveira, Fernando José Freire, Ruthanna Isabelle de Oliveira, Maria Betânia Galvão dos Santos Freire, Djalma Euzébio Simões Neto, Silas Alves Monteiro da Silva


A review of technology research supporting the Brazilian sugaralcohol sector shows that only sporadic studies with irrigated sugarcane have been developed to investigate nutritional requirements. In this context, the objective of this study was to quantify the capacity of extraction and export of N, P, K, Ca, and Mg as well as the nutritional requirement for the production of one ton of stalk per hectare (TCH) in the plant cane cycle of 11 sugarcane varieties (SP79-1011, RB813804, RB863129, RB872552, RB943365, […]