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Podzolization in soils of depressed summit areas on the coastal plains of the brazilian Northeastern region

Elen Alvarenga Silva, João Bosco Vasconcellos Gomes, José Coelho de Araújo Filho, Carlos Alberto Silva, Samara Andrade de Carvalho, Nilton Curi


The soils associated to depressed summits on the Coastal Plains are still little studied in Brazil and are differentiated in several aspects. Generally, the closer a soil is to these depressions, the sandier is the texture and the more accentuated the hydromorphism, where the occurrence of Spodosols is common. The objective of this work was to perform different extractions of Fe, Al, Si and organic C to understand the podzolization process in soils of the summit depressions of the Coastal […]

Carbon fractions in toposequences of soils under eucalyptus with different use history

Elen Alvarenga Silva, Carlos Alberto Silva, Ivo Ribeiro Silva, João José G. S. M. Marques, Elias Frank de Araujo, Samara Andrade de Carvalho, [...]


In Brazil, most forest stands have been planted on soils with some degree of physical, chemical or biological degradation. The protection of the trees for the soil, depending on the litter deposition, is a driving force of the restoration process of degraded areas. Since organic matter is related to many of the physical, chemical and biological soil properties, it is characterized as a key factor for the maintenance of the environmental quality of forest systems. The purpose of this study […]