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Incubation methods for assessing mineralizable nitrogen in soils under sugarcane

Eduardo Mariano, Paulo Cesar Ocheuze Trivelin, José Marcos Leite, Michele Xavier Vieira Megda, Rafael Otto, Henrique Coutinho Junqueira Franco


Considering nitrogen mineralization (N) of soil organic matter is a key aspect for the efficient management of N fertilizers in agricultural systems. Long-term aerobic incubation is the standard technique for calibrating the chemical extraction methods used to estimate the potentially mineralizable N in soil. However, the technique is laborious, expensive and time-consuming. In this context, the aims of this study were to determine the amount of soil mineralizable N in the 0-60 cm layer and to evaluate the use of […]

Ammonia losses estimated by an open collector from urea applied to sugarcane straw

Eduardo Mariano, Paulo Cesar Ocheuze Trivelin, Michele Xavier Vieira, José Marcos Leite, Rafael Otto, Henrique Coutinho Junqueira Franco


The quantification of ammonia (NH3) losses from sugarcane straw fertilized with urea can be performed with collectors that recover the NH3 in acid-treated absorbers. Thus, the use of an open NH3 collector with a polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE)-wrapped absorber is an interesting option since its cost is low, handling easy and microclimatic conditions irrelevant. The aim of this study was to evaluate the efficiency of an open collector for quantifying NH3-N volatilized from urea applied over the sugarcane straw. The experiment was […]