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Does Ferralsol Clay Mineralogy Maintain Potassium Long-Term Supply to Plants?

Diovane Freire Moterle ORCID logo , Edson Campanhola Bortoluzzi, João Kaminski, Danilo dos Santos Rheinheimer, Laurent Caner


ABSTRACT Ferralsols ( Latossolos ) should contain few or no 2:1 clay minerals and have low potassium (K) contents, and consequently low levels of non-exchangeable K forms are expected. The aim of this study was to evaluate how the clay mineralogy of a Ferralsol affects the soil K dynamics in response to K fertilization during cropping and whether the clay mineralogy was altered due to successive crops and K fertilization. A tropical Brazilian Ferralsol under field conditions was sampled (0.00-0.20 […]

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Animal manure phosphorus characterization by sequential chemical fractionation, release kinetics and 31P-NMR analysis

Tales Tiecher, Mohsin Zafar, Fábio Joel Kochem Mallmann, Edson Campanhola Bortoluzzi, Marcos Antonio Bender, Lucas Henrique Ciotti, [...]


Phosphate release kinetics from manures are of global interest because sustainable plant nutrition with phosphate will be a major concern in the future. Although information on the bioavailability and chemical composition of P present in manure used as fertilizer are important to understand its dynamics in the soil, such studies are still scarce. Therefore, P extraction was evaluated in this study by sequential chemical fractionation, desorption with anion-cation exchange resin and 31P nuclear magnetic resonance (31P-NMR) spectroscopy to assess the […]

Soybean root growth and crop yield in reponse to liming at the beginning of a no-tillage system

Edson Campanhola Bortoluzzi, Guilherme Luis Parize, Jackson Korchagin, Vanderlei Rodrigues da Silva, Danilo dos Santos Rheinheimer, João Kaminski


Analyzing the soil near crop roots may reveal limitations to growth and yield even in a no-tillage system. The purpose of the present study was to relate the chemical and physical properties of soil under a no-tillage system to soybean root growth and plant yield after five years of use of different types of limestone and forms of application. A clayey Oxisol received application of dolomitic and calcitic limestones and their 1:1 combination in two forms: surface application, maintained on […]

Technical viability of GPS navigation receivers for systematic soil sampling

Maurício Sonda Tonello, Edson Campanhola Bortoluzzi


Navigation recipients of the global positioning system (GPS), widely used in the agricultural sector, in general, have a positional accuracy of < 10.0 m. In systematic soil sampling, sub-samples should be collected within a radius of not more than three meters from the central georeferenced point. In this technical note, precision and accuracy of this equipment were contrasted with the requirements of systematic soil sampling. An area of approximately 17 ha, on Campus I of the University of Passo Fundo, […]

Aggregation of subtropical soil under liming: a study using laser diffraction

Edson Campanhola Bortoluzzi, Cristiano Poleto, Álvaro José Baginski, Vanderlei Rodrigues da Silva


Laser diffraction (LD) provides detailed analysis of particle size distribution. Its application to testing the stability of soil aggregates can assist studies on the aggregation of soils with contrasting electrochemical properties. The objectives of the present work were: (a) to propose a protocol for using LD to study soil aggregation, (b) to study the aggregation of an Acrisol under the influence of different doses and forms of lime. Samples were collected in 2005 from a Brazilian Acrisol that in 1994 […]

Soil water dynamics related to the degree of compaction of two brazilian oxisols under no-tillage()

Vanderlei Rodrigues da Silva, José Miguel Reichert, Dalvan José Reinert, Edson Campanhola Bortoluzzi


Soil water properties are related to crop growth and environmental aspects and are influenced by the degree of soil compaction. The objective of this study was to determine the water infiltration and hydraulic conductivity of saturated soil under field conditions in terms of the compaction degree of two Oxisols under a no-tillage (NT). Two commercial fields were studied in the state of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil: one a Haplortox after 14 years under NT; the other a Hapludox after […]

Contribution of soil constituents to the cation exchange capacity as determined by different extraction methods

Edson Campanhola Bortoluzzi, Danilo dos Santos Rheinheimer, Claudia Petry, João Kaminski


The cation exchange capacity (CEC) is a physicochemical property dependent on mineral and organic soil constituents. Despite the use of different procedures and extractors the CEC is normally expressed considering only the pH control or not of the extracted solution. This study aims to discuss the significance of the contribution of organic carbon and clay to the CEC of an Acrisol, using different determination methods. For this purpose, 75 samples of an abruptic Red-Yellow Acrisol from the Universidade Federal de […]

Phosphorus fractions and adsorption in sediments in relation to anthropogenic activity

João Batista Rossetto Pellegrini, Danilo Rheinheimer do Santos, Celso Silva Gonçalves, André Carlos Cruz Copetti, Edson Campanhola Bortoluzzi


The evaluation of the amount of total and soluble P in surface waters is insufficient to diagnose their pollution potential. This study aimed to evaluate the P fractions and soil properties related to P release from eroded sediments of landscape units with different pressure levels of anthropogenic activity. Water + sediments were sampled in two landscape units of a sub-watershed of the small watershed Arroio Lino, in Agudo, RS, Brazil. The following properties were evaluated: pH, sediment concentration, total organic […]

Effects of liming on the relationship between soil and water

Edson Campanhola Bortoluzzi, Leandro Garbozza, Caroline Guareschi, Danilo dos Santos Rheinheimer


Changes in the physical properties of soil, mainly related to water retention and soil aggregation, may be linked to changes in electrochemical soil properties. The purpose of this study was to determine the effects of liming on the relationship between soil and water. In 1994, an experiment was installed in the experimental area of the Departamento de Solos da Universidade Federal de Santa Maria, in a dystrophic plinthic Gray Acrisol. Treatments consisted in surface liming and lime incorporation at 0, […]

Porosity and water retention in an acrisol under conventional and no-till systems under uniaxial compression

Edson Campanhola Bortoluzzi, Vanderlei Rodrigues da Silva, Claudia Petry, Dileta Cecchetti


To date, little is known about the dynamics of water and air in porous spaces of soils exposed to mechanical stresses, mainly when the pressure is located on the pre-consolidation line. This study aimed to quantify the changes in the porous spaces of an Acrisol under two tillage systems, submitted to increasing one-dimensional compression, emphasizing the bulk density and water retention at two water potential levels. Undisturbed soil samples were collected under conventional tillage (CT) and no-till (NT), with three […]

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