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Does Ferralsol Clay Mineralogy Maintain Potassium Long-Term Supply to Plants?

Diovane Freire Moterle ORCID logo , Edson Campanhola Bortoluzzi, João Kaminski, Danilo dos Santos Rheinheimer, Laurent Caner


ABSTRACT Ferralsols ( Latossolos ) should contain few or no 2:1 clay minerals and have low potassium (K) contents, and consequently low levels of non-exchangeable K forms are expected. The aim of this study was to evaluate how the clay mineralogy of a Ferralsol affects the soil K dynamics in response to K fertilization during cropping and whether the clay mineralogy was altered due to successive crops and K fertilization. A tropical Brazilian Ferralsol under field conditions was sampled (0.00-0.20 […]

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Methane efflux in rice paddy field under different irrigation managements

Diovane Freire Moterle, Leandro Souza da Silva, Vagner João Moro, Cimélio Bayer, Tiago Zschornack, Luis Antonio de Avila, [...]


Paddy rice fields may contribute to methane (CH4) emission from soil due to anaerobic conditions after flooding. Alternatives to continuous flooding irrigation in rice have been developed to mitigate CH4 efflux into the atmosphere. This study aims to investigate the effects of irrigation managements in the CH4 efflux during the rice growing season. An experiment was carried out at in Santa Maria, Rio Grande do Sul State, Brazil, during 2007/08 and 2009/10 growing seasons. The treatments were continuous flooding and […]

Dynamics of methane emission from flodded rice soils in southern Brazil

Leandro Souza da Silva, Gustavo Griebeler, Diovane Freire Moterle, Cimélio Bayer, Tiago Zschornack, Elisandra Pocojeski


Paddy soils under flooded rice produce nearly 18% of all methane (CH4) emissions in the state of Rio Grande do Sul. However, CH4 release depends on the intensity of soil reduction. The objective of this study was to evaluate the dynamics of emissions of this greenhouse gas from six representative soils [Albaqualf (2), Endoaqualf (2), Udorthent and Hapludoll] of rice cultivation in southern Brazil, to identify the relation with soil proprieties and electrochemical changes in the soil solution after flooding. […]

Potassium availability in a hapludalf soil under long term fertilization

João Kaminski, Diovane Freire Moterle, Danilo dos Santos Rheinheimer, Luciano Colpo Gatiboni, Gustavo Brunetto


In a system in which fertilization is recommended, diagnosis of soil K availability and the establishment of critical levels are made difficult by the possibility of a contribution of non-exchangeable forms of K for plant nutrition. Due to its magnitude, this contribution is well diagnosed in long term experiments and in those which compare fertilization systems with positive and negative balances in terms of replacement of the K extracted by plants. The objective of this study was to evaluate K […]

Copper forms and desorption in soils under grapevine in the Serra Gaúcha of Rio Grande do Sul

Carlos Alberto Casali, Diovane Freire Moterle, Danilo dos Santos Rheinheimer, Gustavo Brunetto, Adão Leonel Mello Corcini, João Kaminski, [...]


Successive applications of cupric fungicides to grapevine can increase total copper concentration in the soil and modify its desorption in the soil profile. This study was carried out in 2006 in the soil chemistry and fertility laboratory of the Universidade Federal de Santa Maria to evaluate copper forms and desorption dynamics in Udorthent and Haplumbrept soils (in the layers 0-20 and 20-40 cm) under grapevine for 40 years and under successive applications of cupric fungicides. The soils were collected in […]

Depletion of soil potassium forms as affected by successive cultivation

João Kaminski, Gustavo Brunetto, Diovane Freire Moterle, Danilo dos Santos Rheinheimer


Potassium uptake by plants is generally higher than the initial amount of exchangeable potassium, indicating that non-exchangeable potassium forms participate in supplying plants with this nutrient. The objective of this study was to evaluate the potassium depletion by successive cultivations in a sandy-textured soil, with and without potassium fertilization in the past. The greenhouse experiment was carried out at the Universidade Federal de Santa Maria, in southern Brazil. Samples (0-0.10 m) of a Typic Hapludalf, without and with previous potassium […]