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Estimation of the Retention and Availability of Water in Soils of the State of Santa Catarina

Diego Bortolini, Jackson Adriano Albuquerque


ABSTRACT: Soil water retention and availability are important properties for agricultural production, which can be measured directly or estimated by pedotransfer functions. Some studies on this topic were carried out in Santa Catarina, Brazil. To improve the estimates, it is necessary to evaluate other properties, to analyze more soil types, as well as to use other analysis techniques such as artificial neural networks and regression trees. Thus, the objective of the study was to estimate the field capacity (FC), permanent […]

Methods for Quantifying Shrinkage in Latossolos (Ferralsols) and Nitossolos (Nitisols) in Southern Brazil

Luana da Silva, Letícia Sequinatto, Jaime Antonio de Almeida, Diego Bortolini


ABSTRACT Brown Nitossolos (Nitisols) and Latossolos (Ferralsols), according to the Brazilian System of Soil Classification (SiBCS), have a “caráter retrátil” as their distinctive property. Because this is a new topic, it is necessary to propose methods for evaluation. The objectives of this study were to evaluate methodologies for quantifying the shrinkage of soil using the Syringe Method and the Metallic Mercury Method, and to propose a new one, the “Ring with Sand Method”. Soil samples from eight pedons were used, […]