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All publications of “Diego Antônio França de Freitas”

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Bernardo Moreira Cândido, Marx Leandro Naves Silva, Nilton Curi, Diego Antônio França de Freitas, Ronaldo Luiz Mincato, Mozart Martins Ferreira


Assessing the quality of agricultural soils is important for defining and adopting management practices that ensure socioeconomic and environmental sustainability. The methods for indexation of quality indicators called the Integrated Quality Index (IQI) and the Nemoro Quality Index (NQI) were used in this study to evaluate soil quality in experimental plots planted to eucalyptus. The selection of these indicators was made based on nine soil quality indicators: geometric mean diameter, water permeability, organic matter, macro- and microporosity, total porosity, bulk […]

Soil losses from typic cambisols and red latosol as related to three erosive rainfall patterns

Regimeire Freitas Aquino, Marx Leandro Naves Silva, Diego Antonio França de Freitas, Nilton Curi, Junior Cesar Avanzi


Rainfall erosivity is one of the main factors related to water erosion in the tropics. This work focused on relating soil loss from a typic dystrophic Tb Haplic Cambisol (CXbd) and a typic dystrophic Red Latosol (LVdf) to different patterns of natural erosive rainfall. The experimental plots of approximately 26 m2 (3 x 8.67 m) consisted of a CXbd area with a 0.15 m m-1 slope and a LVdf area with 0.12 m m-1 slope, both delimited by galvanized plates. […]

Manganese oxides an iron ore province soils, Minas Gerais, Brazil

Amaury de Carvalho Filho, Nilton Curi, João José Granate de Sá e Melo Marques, Edgard Shinzato, Diego Antonio França de Freitas, Elen Alvarenga de Jesus, [...]


The mineralogy of Mn oxides is highly variable and complex, since the number of minerals is large and the knowledge of their structures imprecise. In view of the scarcity of specific papers on Mn oxides in Brazilian soils and their unusually high contents in some soils of one of the Iron Ore Province (IOP) of Minas Gerais State, this study aimed to characterize the chemistry and mineralogy of these oxides in the soils of this region, stratifying them according to […]

Soil chemical and physical quality under natural tree vegetation and pasture in the Pantanal wetlands, South of Mato Grosso, Brazil

Evaldo Luis Cardoso, Marx Leandro Naves Silva, Nilton Curi, Mozart Martins Ferreira, Diego Antônio França de Freitas


The search for improved productivity of livestock has stimulated deforestation of forested areas in the Pantanal for pasture planting, raising concerns about the sustainability of the natural resources. To study some aspects of land use in the Pantanal of Mato Grosso, Brazil, this study aimed to evaluate the changes in chemical and physical soil properties due to the conversion of native tree vegetation in pasture, and the exposure of native pasture to a continuous grazing system. The environments of the […]