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Humic Substances and Chemical Properties of an Acrisol Amended with Vermicomposted Vegetal and Animal Residues

Rul Martins Antunes, Otávio dos Anjos Leal, Rosa Maria Vargas Castilhos ORCID logo , Danilo Dufech Castilhos, Robson Andreazza, Raí Augusto Schwalbert


ABSTRACT Vermicomposted vegetal and animal residues are rich in nutrients and humic substances and thus can be applied to the soil as a source of functionalized organic matter (OM) and as an alternative to chemical fertilizers. In Southern Brazil, many animal and vegetal residues are easily accessible. Therefore, this study aimed to evaluate alterations in soil chemical properties and OM chemical composition in response to the application of local vermicomposted residues. The vermicomposts of: cattle manure (CM), sheep manure (SM), […]

Soil properties, dry matter of maize after application of anaerobic sludge from the sewage treatment sation of rice parboiling waste water

Giúlia D'Avila Vieira, Danilo Dufech Castilhos, Rosa Maria Vargas Castilhos


The residue of the process of parboiling rice contains high amounts of elements such as nitrogen, phosphorus and others which, once incorporated into the soil, could serve as a source of nutrients. Accordingly, the present study evaluated some properties of an Ultisol, the dry matter production and nutritional status of corn grown after applying an anaerobic sludge originated from the process of parboiling rice. The experiment was conducted in 4 kg pots filled with soil, in four replications. The following […]

Soil microbial attributes after application of anaerobic sludge from a sewage treatment station of parboiled rice

Giúlia D'Avila Vieira, Danilo Dufech Castilhos, Rosa Maria Vargas Castilhos


Rice, grown in all Brazilian regions, is particularly important in the southern region, where 60 % of the total production of this cereal is raised. The rice parboiling process is a hydrothermal treatment of partially cooking the grains in the husk, improving the nutritional value. This process results in an effluent rich in organic matter and nutrients, which can be used as organic fertilizer in agriculture. In this sense, this study aimed to evaluate the quality of a soil based […]

Spatial variability of the chemical, physical and biological properties in lowland cultivated with irrigated rice

José Maria Barbat Parfitt, Luís Carlos Timm, Eloy Antonio Pauletto, Rogério Oliveira de Sousa, Danilo Dufech Castilhos, Conceição Lagos de Ávila, [...]


In the areas where irrigated rice is grown in the south of Brazil, few studies have been carried out to investigate the spatial variability structure of soil properties and to establish new forms of soil management as well as determine soil corrective and fertilizer applications. In this sense, this study had the objective of evaluating the spatial variability of chemical, physical and biological soil properties in a lowland area under irrigated rice cultivation in the conventional till system. For this […]

Effect of humic-like substances on potassium uptake kinetics, plant growth and nutrient concentration in Phaseolus vulgaris L.

Carla Machado da Rosa, Rosa Maria Vargas Castilhos, Ledemar Carlos Vahl, Danilo Dufech Castilhos, Luiz Fernando Spinelli Pinto, Elisandra Solange Oliveira, [...]


Humic substances can influence plant metabolism direct or indirectly, thus modifying its growth. The objective of this study was to evaluate the effect of humic-like substances (HS) on kinetics of K uptake, nutrient concentration and growth of common bean (Phaseolus vulgaris, L.). The experiment was performed on a laboratory bench with controlled light conditions. Plants were grown in pots with complete nutrient solution enriched with five levels (0; 2.5; 5; 10 and 20 mg L-1 of C) of alkaline soluble humic-like substances […]

Distribution and characterization of humic substances in animal and plant vermicompost

Rosa Maria Vargas Castilhos, Deborah Pinheiro Dick, Danilo Dufech Castilhos, Tânia Beatriz Araújo Gamboa Morselli, Paula Fernanda Pinto da Costa, Wagner Bertuol Casagrande, [...]


The use of organic residues as fertilizers and soil conditioners requires their maturation and the quality monitoring of the final product. Vermicomposting is a technique which, along with the composting process, eliminates the potential harmful effect of manure residues to human health and soil. The stability and maturity degrees of a given vermicompost are usually inferred from the quantity and quality of the humic substances in the resulting compost. This study aimed to evaluate the quality and maturity of vermicomposts […]