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Nitrous Oxide Emissions in No-Tillage Onion ( Allium cepa L.) Crops Are Increased by Oilseed Radish Cover Crop and Poultry Manure Application

Vilmar Müller Júnior ORCID logo , Leoncio de Paula Koucher, Monique Souza, Andria Paula Lima, Claudinei Kurtz, Rafael da Rosa Couto, [...]


ABSTRACT The use of cover crops and poultry manure (PM) is an alternative to reduce the use of synthetic inputs and can contribute to the nutrient cycling in onions ( Allium cepa L.) grown under a no-tillage system. However, this management practice may contribute to an increase in N2O emissions to the atmosphere. The aims of this study were to evaluate the immediate effect on N2O emissions of adding PM onto cover crop residues and to verify the effect of […]

Nitrogen Transfer from Cover Crop Residues to Onion Grown under Minimum Tillage in Southern Brazil

Leoncio de Paula Koucher, Gustavo Brunetto, Vilmar Müller, Monique Souza, Andria Paula Lima, Sandro José Giacomini, [...]


ABSTRACT Nitrogen derived from cover crop residues may contribute to the nutrition of onion grown under minimum tillage (MT) and cultivated in rotation. The aim of this study was to evaluate the N transferred from different cover crop residues to the onion crop cultivated under MT in southern Brazil. In June 2014, oilseed radish, black oat, and oilseed radish + black oat residues labeled with 15N were deposited on the soil surface before transplanting onions. During the growth season and […]

Chemical Properties in Macroaggregates of a Humic Dystrudept Cultivated with Onion under No-Till and Conventional Tillage Systems

Luiz Henrique dos Santos, Ludiana Canton, Barbara Santos Ventura, Guilherme Wilbert Ferreira, Claudinei Kurtz, Gustavo Brunetto, [...]


ABSTRACT Nutrients present in soil aggregates are essential for maintaining the productive capacity of agroecosystems and environmental quality. The aim of this study was to evaluate the chemical properties of macroaggregates of a Humic Dystrudept cultivated with onions under a no-till vegetable system (NTVS) compared to the conventional tillage system (CTS) and a forest area in Ituporanga, SC, Brazil. The treatments consisted of the following single and mixed cover crops with onion under the NTVS: spontaneous vegetation, 100 % black […]

Release of Phosphorus Forms from Cover Crop Residues in Agroecological No-Till Onion Production

Rodolfo Assis de Oliveira, Jucinei José Comin, Tales Tiecher, Rogério Piccin, Luiza Michelon Somavilla, Arcângelo Loss, [...]


ABSTRACT Cover crops grown alone or in association can take up different amounts of phosphorus (P) from the soil and accumulate it in different P-forms in plant tissue. Cover crop residues with a higher content of readily decomposed forms may release P more quickly for the next onion crop. The aim of this study was to evaluate the release of P forms from residues of single and mixed cover crops in agroecological no-till onion (Allium cepa L.) production. The experiment […]

Cover Crops Effects on Soil Chemical Properties and Onion Yield

Rodolfo Assis de Oliveira, Gustavo Brunetto, Arcângelo Loss, Luciano Colpo Gatiboni, Claudinei Kürtz, Vilmar Müller, [...]


ABSTRACT Cover crops contribute to nutrient cycling and may improve soil chemical properties and, consequently, increase crop yield. The aim of this study was to evaluate cover crop residue decomposition and nutrient release, and the effects of these plants on soil chemical properties and on onion (Allium cepa L.) yield in a no-tillage system. The experiment was carried out in an Inceptisol in southern Brazil, where cover crops were sown in April 2012 and 2013. In July 2013, shoots of […]


Arcângelo Loss, Alex Basso, Bruno Salvador Oliveira, Leôncio de Paula Koucher, Rodolfo Assis de Oliveira, Claudinei Kurtz, [...]


As a result of soil management systems, like the conventional tillage system (CTS) versus the no-tillage system (NTS) for vegetable crops, modifications in soil properties occur, which change, for example, the rates of soil aggregation and the content of total organic carbon (TOC). The aim of this study was to quantify the TOC contents and evaluate the rates of soil aggregation and the distribution of aggregates by diameter classes in a soil planted to onion in NTS and CTS and […]

Onion yield and bulb conservation as affected by rates and splitting of side-dressed nitrogen

Claudinei Kurtz, Paulo Roberto Ernani, Jefferson Luís Meirelles Coimbra, Eder Petry


Yield and conservation of onion bulbs are influenced by nitrogen (N) availability in the soil, which is required in large amounts. This study aimed to evaluate the effect of N application rates and splitting on the plant nutritional status, yield and conservation of onion bulbs after harvest. Three field experiments were carried out in Southern Brazilian Haplumbrepts. Treatments consisted of a factorial combination (4 x 3) involving four N rates (0, 50, 100, and 200 kg ha-1) and three times of sidedressing (only 45, […]

Onion yield influenced by micronutrient application

Claudinei Kurtz, Paulo Roberto Ernani


The excessive use of fertilizers and liming as well as monoculture is rather common in the onion-producing region of Santa Catarina State, Brazil. Such practices have resulted in visual symptoms of micronutrient deficiency, mainly of micronutrients. This study aimed to measure the effect of B, Zn and Mn fertilizers on yield and quality of onion bulbs. Three individual trials, one for each nutrient, were carried out in the field, in Ituporanga, southern Brazil, from 2006 until 2009. In each experiment, […]