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Potassium Dynamics in Ruzigrass Rhizosphere

Marcelo Raphael Volf, Tiara Moraes Guimarães, Daniele Scudeletti, Igor Vilela Cruz, Ciro Antonio Rosolem


ABSTRACT: Ruzigrass (Urochola ruziziensis) has a large capacity to take up K from the soil, including non-exchangeable forms, and can play an important role in nutrient cycling in integrated production systems. However, K transport to roots of brachiarias is not well known, nor the nutrient dynamics in the rhizosphere, where a concentration gradient may be established towards the non-rhizospheric soil, creating a favorable environment for the release of non-exchangeable K. This study aimed to evaluate the effect of ruzigrass on […]

Brachiaria as a Cover Crop to Improve Phosphorus Use Efficiency in a No-till Oxisol

Moniki Campos Janegitz, Elialdo Alves de Souza, Ciro Antonio Rosolem


ABSTRACT Oxidic soils are phosphorus drains in soil; hence, P availability is a limiting factor in tropical, weathered Oxidic soils. It has been shown that some brachiarias grown as cover crops may increase soil available P to subsequent crops. The objective of this study was to evaluate soil P cycling and availability, as well as the response of soybean to soluble and natural reactive phosphates as affected by ruzi grass (Urochloa ruziziensis, R. Germ. and C.M. Evrard, Crin) grown as […]