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All publications of “Carolina Riviera Duarte Maluche Baretta”

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Influence of ZnO Nanoparticles and a Non-Nano ZnO on Survival and Reproduction of Earthworm and Springtail in Tropical Natural Soil

Micheli Lucia Alves, Luís Carlos Iuñes de Oliveira Filho ORCID logo , Patrícia Nogueira, André Junior Ogliari, Márcio Antônio Fiori ORCID logo , Dilmar Baretta ORCID logo , [...]


ABSTRACT: In recent years, various studies and development using nanoparticles (NPs) have been carried out in the most diverse areas of knowledge. Although nanomaterials are widely employed by many sectors and some may have a fertilizing potential, little is known about their effects on the environment. This study aimed to evaluate the effect of applying, in tropical natural soil, different contents of nanoparticles of zinc oxide (NPs-ZnO) and non-nano zinc oxide (ZnO) on soil pH and on the survival and […]

Soil Macrofauna as a Soil Quality Indicator in Native and replanted Araucaria angustifolia Forests

Jamil de Morais Pereira, Julia Corá Segat, Dilmar Baretta, Rafael Leandro de Figueiredo Vasconcellos, Carolina Riviera Duarte Maluche Baretta, Elke Jurandy Bran Nogueira Cardoso


ABSTRACT Studies on soil quality in Araucaria forests contribute to understanding changes in this ecosystem and serve as a tool in conserving its biodiversity. The aim of this study was to evaluate the potential of soil macrofauna in discriminating native and replanted Araucaria forests for selection of soil quality indicators. Native (NF) and replanted (RF) Araucaria angustifolia forests were evaluated in three regions of the state of São Paulo, representing three true replications. Fifteen soil samples were collected in each […]

Multivariate analysis of soil microbiological and chemical attributes in forests with Araucaria angustifolia

Dilmar Baretta, Carolina Riviera Duarte Maluche Baretta, Elke Jurandy Bran Nogueira Cardoso


Araucaria angustifolia is an endangered tree species in Brazil and little is known about the soil attributes of these pine forests. This study was carried out to identify differences between natural and reforested Araucaria areas, in terms of soil microbiological and chemical attributes, with multivariate canonical discriminant analysis (CDA) and canonical correlation analysis (CCA). The studied areas included: 1. native forest with Araucaria (NF); 2. Araucaria reforestation (R); 3. Araucaria reforestation burnt by an accidental fire (RF); and 4. native […]