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Bradyrhizobium spp. Strains in Symbiosis with Pigeon Pea cv. Fava-Larga under Greenhouse and Field Conditions

Márcia Rufini, Dâmiany Pádua Oliveira, André Trochmann, Bruno Lima Soares, Messias José Bastos de Andrade, Fatima Maria de Souza Moreira


ABSTRACT: Optimization of symbiosis between nitrogen-fixing bacteria and legumes has been extensively studied, seeking agricultural sustainability. To evaluate the symbiotic efficiency of nitrogen-fixing bacterial strains belonging to the Bradyrhizobium genus with pigeon pea (Cajanus cajan (L.) Millsp.) cv. Fava-Larga, experiments were conducted in Leonard jars (axenic conditions), pots with soil, and in the field. Ten strains were tested in Leonard jars, and three strains, in addition to BR 29, were selected according to their ability to promote the growth of […]

Agronomic and Economic Efficiency of Common-Bean Inoculation with Rhizobia and Mineral Nitrogen Fertilization

Bruno Lima Soares, Paulo Ademar Avelar Ferreira, Márcia Rufini, Fábio Aurélio Dias Martins, Dâmiany Pádua Oliveira, Ricardo Pereira Reis, [...]


ABSTRACT Management of biological nitrogen fixation in common bean still requires improvement. The objective of this study was to verify the compatibility of nitrogen fertilization with biological N2 fixation to increase common bean yield and profitability. Four field experiments were performed in four municipalities of Minas Gerais, Brazil, during the 2009 and 2010 winter crop season. The 2009 crop experiments were set up under a no-till system and the 2010 crop was conducted using conventional tillage. A randomized block experimental […]