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Ammonia Volatilization from Soil-Applied Organic Fertilizers

Adriano Alvim Rocha, Ednaldo da Silva Araújo ORCID logo , Silvio da Silva Santos, Jhonatan Marins Goulart, José Antonio Azevedo Espindola, José Guilherme Marinho Guerra, [...]


ABSTRACT: A reliable quantification of nitrogen (N) losses by ammonia (NH3) volatilization can contribute to identifying optimized strategies of fertilizer management. The objective of this study was to quantify ammonia volatilization from several organic N sources incorporated into or applied onto the soil surface. Two cultivation areas, under snap bean and corn, were evaluated at Embrapa Agrobiology, Seropédica, Rio de Janeiro (RJ). Both experiments used a randomized complete block design in split-plots, with four replications. The main plots consisted of […]


Sandra Santana Lima, Marcos Bacis Ceddia, Fernando Zuchello, Adriana Maria de Aquino, Fábio Martins Mercante, Bruno José Rodrigues Alves, [...]


Epigeous termite mounds are frequently observed in pasture areas, but the processes regulating their population dynamics are poorly known. This study evaluated epigeous termite mounds in cultivated grasslands used as pastures, assessing their spatial distribution by means of geostatistics and evaluating their vitality. The study was conducted in the Cerrado biome in the municipality of Rio Brilhante, Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil. In two pasture areas (Pasture 1 and Pasture 2), epigeous mounds (nests) were georeferenced and analyzed for height, […]

Seeds with high molybdenum concentration improved growth and nitrogen acquisition of rhizobium-inoculated and nitrogen-fertilized common bean plants

Fernanda Fátima Delgado Almeida, Adelson Paulo Araújo, Bruno José Rodrigues Alves


Seeds of common bean (Phaseolus vulgaris) with high molybdenum (Mo) concentration can supply Mo plant demands, but to date no studies have concomitantly evaluated the effects of Mo-enriched seeds on plants inoculated with rhizobia or treated with N fertilizer. This work evaluated the effects of seed Mo on growth and N acquisition of bean plants fertilized either by symbiotic N or mineral N, by measuring the activities of nitrogenase and nitrate reductase and the contribution of biological N2 fixation at […]

Seeds enriched with phosphorus and molybdenum improve the contribution of biological nitrogen fixation to common bean as estimated by 15n isotope dilution

Eduardo Chagas, Adelson Paulo Araújo, Bruno José Rodrigues Alves, Marcelo Grandi Teixeira


Seeds with a high concentration of P or Mo can improve the growth and N accumulation of the common bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.), but the effect of enriched seeds on biological N2 fixation has not been established yet. This study aimed to evaluate the effect of seeds enriched with P and Mo on growth and biological N2 fixation of the common bean by the 15N isotope dilution technique. An experiment was carried out in pots in a 2 x 3 x 2 x 2 factorial design […]

Carbon and nitrogen mineralization in soils under an eucalyptus plantation chronosequence

Patrícia Anjos Bittencourt Barreto, Emanuela Forestieri Gama-Rodrigues, Antonio Carlos Gama-Rodrigues, Nairam Félix de Barros, Bruno José Rodrigues Alves, Sebastião Fonseca


To maximize the efficiency of N uptake by plants it is important to study N and C mineralization, particularly in the case of eucalyptus, which has a very low response to nitrogen fertilization. The rates of C and N mineralization and C and N mineralization potential were estimated, in soils under 1, 3, 5, and 13 year-old eucalyptus plantations with similar soil and climatic conditions. Soil from the 0-10 cm layer was sampled in November 2003. The samples were incubated under aerobic […]

Soil carbon and nitrogen in pasture soil reforested with eucalyptus and guachapele

Fabiano de Carvalho Balieiro, Marcos Gervasio Pereira, Bruno José Rodrigues Alves, Alexander Silva de Resende, Avílio Antonio Franco


In spite of the normally low content of organic matter found in sandy soils, it is responsible for almost the totality of cation exchange capacity (CEC), water storage and availability of plant nutrients. It is therefore important to evaluate the impact of alternative forest exploitation on the improvement of soil C and N accumulation on these soils. This study compared pure and mixed plantations of Eucalyptus grandis and Pseudosamanea guachapele, a N2-fixing leguminous tree, in relation to their effects on […]

Effect of pre-harvest burning and applications of nitrogen fertilizer and vinasse on sugarcane industrial characteristics

Alexander Silva de Resende, Adriano Santos, Rogério Pontes Xavier, Celso Henrique Coelho, Antônio Gondim, Octávio Costa Oliveira, [...]


Practices of pre-harvest burning and the application of vinasse and N fertilizer are common in sugarcane cultivation. However, results of few long-term studies have been published. This study carried in sugarcane plantations of Cruangi sugar mill, Timbaúba, state of Pernambuco, Brazil, located in the semi-arid-wet transition region of the State aimed at studying the effects of vinasse (80 m3 ha-1) and nitrogen fertilizer (N – 80 kg ha-1) and two harvesting systems (with or without pre-harvest burning) on sugarcane yield […]