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Contamination and Soil Biological Properties in the Serra Pelada Mine – Amazonia, Brazil

Renato Alves Teixeira, Antonio Rodrigues Fernandes, José Roberto Ferreira, Steel Silva Vasconcelos, Anderson Martins de Souza Braz


ABSTRACT Discovered in 1980 and unleashed an utter gold rush of the modern era, Serra Pelada was the largest open-air mine in Brazil. About 80,000 gold prospectors worked there until 1984, when the gold pits were flooded. The environmental impact caused by mining inflicted irreversible damage to the ecosystem, with the formation of a large lake and piles of waste rock and sterile overburden, still evident 28 years after the mine was closed. This study aimed to evaluate the available […]

The Use of DRIS for Nutritional Diagnosis in Oil Palm in the State of Pará

Gilson Sergio Bastos de Matos, Antonio Rodrigues Fernandes, Paulo Guilherme Salvador Wadt, Antônio José de Abreu Pina, Vinícius Ide Franzini, Helen Monique Nascimento Ramos


ABSTRACT The oil palm crop has expanded significantly in the state of Pará, which has not been followed in a proportional manner by studies aiming at increasing yield through plant nutrition. The objective of this study was to evaluate general and specific norms of the Diagnosis and Recommendation Integrated System (DRIS) for genetic materials of oil palm (African and interspecific hybrid) at two ages (young and adult plants) and evaluate possible deficiencies in fertilization and soil correction practices. The DRIS […]

Impacts of different management systems on the physical quality of an Amazonian Oxisol

Elaine Maria Silva Guedes, Antonio Rodrigues Fernandes, Herdjania Veras de Lima, Ademar Pereira Serra, José Ribamar Costa, Rafael da Silva Guedes


The physical quality of Amazonian soils is relatively unexplored, due to the unique characteristics of these soils. The index of soil physical quality is a widely accepted measure of the structural quality of soils and has been used to specify the structural quality of some tropical soils, as for example of the Cerrado ecoregion of Brazil. The research objective was to evaluate the physical quality index of an Amazonian dystrophic Oxisol under different management systems. Soils under five managements were […]

Microbial biomass and soil chemical properties under different land use systems in northeastern Pará

Elessandra Laura Nogueira Lopes, Antonio Rodrigues Fernandes, Maria de Lourdes Pinheiro Ruivo, José Henrique Cattanio, Gladys Ferreira de Souza


The increase in agricultural production in the Brazilian Amazon region is mostly a result of the agricultural frontier expansion, into areas previously influenced by humans or of native vegetation. At the same time, burning is still used to clear areas in small-scale agricultural systems, leading to a loss of the soil productive capacity shortly after, forcing the opening of new areas. This study had the objective of evaluating the effect of soil preparation methods that involve plant residue shredding, left […]

Temporary and vertical variation of chemical attributes of a gleysol of the Guamá River cultivated with Canaranas

Eliana Maria Acioli de Abreu, Antonio Rodrigues Fernandes, Maria de Lourdes Pinheiro Ruivo


Sediments carried away by the muddy waters of the Guamá River and the heterogeneity of these substances are responsible for the soil formation and diversity of chemical characteristics in the periodically flooded areas. This study aimed at determining the physical and chemical attributes of a low floodplain (varzea) soil of the Guamá river, in different periods, cultivated with Paramaribo canarana (Echinochloa polystachya H.B.K) or canarana erecta lisa (Echinochloa pyramidales Lam). The experimental design was entirely randomized, in a 4 x […]