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Adriano Luiz Lodi Rissini, Jackson Kawakami, Aline Marques Genú


ABSTRACT The management of nitrogen fertilization in wheat has proven to be a limiting factor for grain yield in the southern region of Brazil, and new techniques like the normalized difference vegetation index (NDVI) can be useful for estimating crop yield potential and, consequently, for determining N fertilization requirements. The objective of this study was to evaluate the use of NDVI, obtained through active and passive sensors, as a tool for estimating the grain yield of wheat cultivars under different […]

Soil chemical atributes associated with wheat yield in a plot with different yield potentials

Luiz Fernando Machado Kramer, Marcelo Marques Lopes Müller, Cassio Antônio Tormena, Aline Marques Genú, Leandro Michalovicz, Marcelo Vicensi


Different yield potentials between plots and within them have been verified in areas managed under no-till (NT). Precision farming (PF) techniques can help in identifying these distinct areas, but for efficient soil fertility management in areas under long-term NT, there must be representative sampling. The aim of this study was to evaluate the influence of soil chemical properties on wheat yield in accordance with the sampling layer or depth in an area under long-term NT using zones of a plot […]

Structural quality of a no-tillage red latosol 50 months after gypsum aplication

Marcelo Marques Lopes Müller, Cassio Antônio Tormena, Aline Marques Genú, Luiz Fernando Machado Kramer, Leandro Michalovicz, Eduardo Fávero Caires


Gypsum application may enhance the soil quality for plants in terms of soil chemical and physical properties. The objective of this study was to evaluate the effects of gypsum application on the structural quality of a no-tillage Red Latosol. The experiment was initiated in September 2005 in Guarapuava-PR, with gypsum applications of 0; 4; 8; and 12 Mg ha-1 on the soil surface. In November 2009, two soil blocks were sampled from the 0-0.3 m layer for visual evaluation of the soil structure […]

Spectral response of soils in the landscape based on terrestrial and orbital data acquisition levels

José Geraldo de Abreu Sousa Junior, José Alexandre Melo Demattê, Aline Marques Genú


Part of agricultural production index variability is associated with soil and landscape characteristics. Management practices such as fertilizer application should therefore take the soil spatial variability into account. Remote sensing is a tool that can provide faster information for soil management because it relates electromagnetic radiation with soil attributes. Thus, this study aimed at evaluating the spectral response, at two data acquisition levels (terrestrial and orbital), of different soil classes across toposequences in the region of São Carlos and Ibaté, […]