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Carbon Stocks and Pools in Relation to the Texture of Kaolinitic Soils from the Brazilian East Coast

João Bosco Vasconcellos Gomes, Carlos Alberto Silva, Tamara Letícia de Azevedo Ferreira, Mozart Martins Ferreira, Alberto Vasconcellos Inda, Nilton Curi


ABSTRACT: Extremely kaolinitic soils of Tertiary age elevations on the Brazilian east coast present a wide range of texture, which is recognized as one of the main factors controlling the soil organic matter contents. This study aimed to investigate the organic C storage of different compartments of kaolinitic soils. The studied soils had a wide particle size gradient, were under native forest vegetation, and located on Brazil’s eastern coast (Coruripe – CF, Umbaúba – UF, Nova Viçosa – VF, Sooretama […]

Chemical and mineralogical changes in a Brazilian Rhodic Paleudult under different land use and managements

Jessé Rodrigo Fink, Alberto Vasconcellos Inda, Jaime Antonio de Almeida, Carlos Alberto Bissani, Elvio Giasson, Paulo César do Nascimento


Changes in land use and management can affect the dynamic equilibrium of soil systems and induce chemical and mineralogical alterations. This study was based on two long-term experiments (10 and 27 years) to evaluate soil used for no-tillage maize cultivation, with and without poultry litter application (NTPL and NTM), and with grazed native pasture fertilized with cattle droppings (GrP), on the chemical and mineralogical characteristics of a Rhodic Paleudult in Southern Brazil, in comparison with the same soil under native […]

Aluminum hydroxy-interlayered minerals and chemical properties of a subtropical Brazilian Oxisol under no-tillage and conventional tillage

Alberto Vasconcellos Inda, José Torrent, Vidal Barrón, Cimélio Bayer


No tillage systems significantly influence the soil system, but knowledge about the effects on the mineralogy of tropical and subtropical soils is limited. This study evaluated the long-term effects (26 years) of no-tillage (NT) on aluminum hydroxy-interlayered minerals of a subtropical Oxisol in Southern Brazil (Guarapuava, PR), compared to the same soil under conventional tillage (CT). The clay fraction (< 2 µm) in soil samples of the surface horizons of a field experiment under both management systems was analyzed by […]

Comparison of estimation methods of soil strength in five soils

Ayodele Ebenezer Ajayi, Moacir de Souza Dias Junior, Nilton Curi, Cezar Francisco Araujo Junior, Olanike Olaiya Aladenola, Thiago Tadeu Teixeira Souza, [...]


In agriculture, the soil strength is used to describe the susceptibility to deformation by pressure caused by agricultural machine. The purpose of this study was to compare different methods for estimating the inherent soil strength and to identify their suitability for the evaluation of load support capacity, compaction susceptibility and root growth. The physical, chemical, mineralogical and intrinsic strength properties of seven soil samples, collected from five sampling pits at different locations in Brazil, were measured. Four clay (CS) and […]

Comparative study of organic matter from different high-altitude soil classes in south Brazil by conventional and spectroscopic techniques

Deborah Pinheiro Dick, Letícia Barros da Silva, Alberto Vasconcellos Inda, Heike Knicker


Soils in the region of Campos de Cima da Serra, RS, have high organic matter contents (SOM) and high levels of exchangeable Al. This study aimed to investigate the SOM quality of surface samples (0-10 cm) of eight representative soils from the region (two Neossols, two Gleissols, three Cambissols, one Latosol) under native pasture. The objectives were to evaluate the sample behaviour under demineralization with HF solution, to determine the chemical composition and the influence of exchangeable Al and iron […]

Iron oxides in tropical and subtropical Brazilian oxisols under long-term no-tillage

Luís de França da Silva Neto, Alberto Vasconcellos Inda, Cimélio Bayer, Deborah Pinheiro Dick, Alano Tiago Tonin


The no-tillage system (NT) affects the rate of soil processes, but little is known about its effect on the mineralogy of tropical and subtropical soils. This study aimed to evaluate the long-term effect of NT system on pedogenetic iron oxides and their relationship with soil organic matter (SOM) fractions. Soil samples were taken at 14 depths within the top 0,20 m soil layer from two clayey Oxisols under NT and conventional tillage (CT) systems of the experimental areas located near the […]

Goethite and hematite variability via reductive dissolution in soils from tropical and subtropical regions

Alberto Vasconcellos Inda Junior, Nestor Kämpf


Iron oxides from 22 soil samples (19 from argillic B horizons; one from a plinthic B horizon; one from a cambic horizon and one from a C horizon) were subjected to selective dissolution with sodium dithionite-citrate-bicarbonate at 20 ºC in time intervals of 5 to 3,840 minutes. Mean coherence lengths (MCL), specific surface area (SSA) and iron by aluminum substitution (Al3+-substitution) of goethite and hematite in untreated sub-samples and in selected sub-samples treated during selective dissolution were estimated by X ray diffraction analysis […]