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Stability of Soil Moisture Patterns Retrieved at Different Temporal Resolutions in a Tropical Watershed

Luís Romero Barbosa ORCID logo , Nicholas Borges de Lira ORCID logo , Victor Hugo Rabelo Coelho ORCID logo , Alain Marie Bernard Passerat de Silans ORCID logo , André Nóbrega Gadêlha ORCID logo , Cristiano das Neves Almeida ORCID logo


ABSTRACT Above and underground hydrological processes depend on soil moisture (SM) variability, driven by different environmental factors that seldom are well-monitored, leading to a misunderstanding of soil water temporal patterns. This study investigated the stability of the SM temporal dynamics to different monitoring temporal resolutions around the border between two soil types in a tropical watershed. Four locations were instrumented in a small-scale watershed (5.84 km2) within the tropical coast of Northeast Brazil, encompassing different soil types ( Espodossolo Humilúvico […]

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